Department of Art : Undergraduate Program



Bachelor of Arts in Art: Illustration

2021–2022 Four Year Course Sequence Plan

The Illustration option provides students with the technical skills, conceptual understanding, and practical experience to become effective, creative communicators and visual storytellers. The goals of the Illustration option are to:

  • Encourage conceptual and visual problem-solving.
  • Encourage creativity, innovation, and experimentation in a variety of illustration media.
  • Explore historical and contemporary trends in illustration.
  • Inform students on professional business practices and ethical standards.
  • Fuel passion for the image-making process.

Our program understands that tomorrow’s skilled illustrators will need to craft images that may elicit an intellectual and emotional response and connection. Our full-time and adjunct professors, who manage successful artistic careers alongside their teaching, provide a challenging, yet nurturing environment for illustration students.

After students complete their foundation core courses, they progress to the Illustration option requirements which include traditional and digital illustration. These courses help fine-tune their advanced image problem-solving skills. As seniors, students create their capstone portfolio pieces and tailor a series of artworks demonstrating their unique talents, style, and vision for the Senior Portfolio Exhibition.

Illustration Student Work: