School of Visual & Performing Arts

Department of Art : Undergraduate Program

Graphic Design

Bachelor of Arts in Art: Graphic Design

2021–2022 Four Year Course Sequence Plan

The Graphic Design option is a comprehensive program that serves to foster growth in an intuitive, conceptual approach to visual communication problem solving. Our students learn that graphic design is not technology, but is, and always has been, the convergence of art, business, and technology to produce meaningful, successful visual communication.

After freshman and sophomore foundation courses, Graphic Design students embark on a two-year experience in specific concentration courses. The curriculum includes typography and creative problem solving, along with the application of both traditional and high-tech processes and techniques. Juniors and seniors participate in a rigorous program through direct engagement. The process of design encompasses:

  • research
  • critical analysis
  • experimentation
  • concept development
  • design and production

Students also gain a strong understanding of typography, so that they may approach it with knowledge and sensitivity. The high quality of the Graphic Design program at WCSU is reflected in the student work displayed in the annual Senior Thesis Exhibition. Graphic Design students graduate from the program with a strong portfolio and an effective resume.  They also develop and execute a unique self-promotion piece that serves as a marketing device. The program has developed a reputation for producing strong entry-level designers.

Graphic Design Student Work: