Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get access to Banner?

    Access to BannerAdmin is provisioned on a need-to-know basis, usually indicated by your role and job responsibilities at WCSU.  Your team supervisor can open a Banner Access Request found under Common Service Requests > Access on

  • Is getting access to Banner 9 different from Banner 8?

    No, not for BannerAdmin 9, which is the replacement for the Banner INB 8 java app.  You still need to follow the same process for requesting an account, and getting access to the pages/processes you need for your job role.

    If you are an existing Banner INB 8 user, you are already a Banner 9 user.  Simply go to the app and use your WCSU username and password.  See "What’s my Banner 9 username/password?"

  • What’s my Banner 9 username/password?

    Banner 9 is a single-sign-on application, and it uses the same authentication services that your desktop, laptop, and email do, as well as any application that is advertised as "LDAP-enabled".  So, your Banner 9 username is your WCSU computer username and password.

    Banner 9, like most SSO apps, uses the full WCSU username, which includes our domain  Because of this, you add to the end of your username to log into Banner 9.

    For example:, or

    Note: although in many cases this looks like your email address, it is not.  All users, whether or not they have student accounts, will use to enter their Banner 9 username.

  • Why is my Banner 9 username if my email is

    If you are a student, your email address ends in  Your Banner 9 username (as well as your computer username) is part of the domain; your full username in the domain is

    This looks like an email address, but it's not.  It's what's known at WCSU as the User Principal Name, and it acts like a full path into your primary account.  We can use this pattern to provision you with access to system-wide applications, in which someone at another institution could have the same local username as you do.  You both would be able to use the system with your own accounts because the added domain will make the usernames unique.  Our library catalog and online resources systems are organized this way.

  • How do I change my Banner 9 password?

    Your Banner 9 password is the same as your WCSU computer user account password, which is the same as your email password.  All these systems are synchronized, and in fact are authenticated from the same place.  You will not need to keep track of a separate Banner 9 password.

    Instead, you manage your Banner 9 password by managing your WCSU computer user account password the way you have always done.

  • I’m getting an error that says “System is configured for external authentication and identity assurance is null”. What does that mean?

    There is something wrong with the configuration of your Banner 9 account, and it is not fully linked to your WCSU computer username.  Open a ticket at or call the Help Desk.  For best results, be sure to give your Banner ID number and your username.

  • I’m getting an error that says “Authentication Error: Something went wrong during the authentication process. Please try again.” What does that mean?

    When you connect to Banner 9, you're connecting to an app called "Ellucian Application Navigator."  Getting logged in is a 3 stage process, and it makes a difference where you save your bookmark, or where you start from (if you use the browser back button or your browser history):

    1. You open a bookmark, click a link, or enter the app path directly.  Banner 9 uses a middleman to accept and verify your credentials: Ethos Identity Services
    2. The URL that you use to get to Banner 9 ( redirects you to Ethos Identity
    3. After you put your username and password in and they check out, you are passed through to Application Navigator, and so on to Banner 9

    If you make your bookmark at step 2, you will bookmark Ethos Identity instead of Banner 9. Your browser saves information here which makes this whole security exchange possible.  When that information expires, your bookmark will stop working.

    To avoid this problem, wait until Step 3 to save your bookmark, or use the launch page at

  • I'm getting an error that says "*ERROR* You are not authorized to logon at this time based on Banner security rules." What does that mean?

    New FAQ : Answer

  • Can I get to Banner 9 from off-campus?

    Yes and no.  The Application Navigator is a public app.  The BannerAdmin 9 app in the Application Navigator is not.  You must be on campus to use it, or have made other arrangements for secure remote access.


  • I’m logged in. I don’t see a menu. Now what do I do?

    You have a couple of options.

    1. Under the Welcome title on the Application Navigator, there is a search box.  Start typing the name of the form or page you want to use.  You can also try typing what you want to do, such as "Registration" or "Person Identification".  The search box is active, and will start displaying options to you, from which you can choose.
    2. On the left-hand side of the dashboard window, you'll find a menu.  Expand it, and look for Applications.  Under Applications, you'll find the Banner menu.

    For more information, tips, and reference guides, see Resources

  • I’m getting a blank page/white screen when I try to open a page. What’s happening?

    This behavior has two known causes.

    1. You are using a browser other than Internet Explorer (or the latest version of Firefox on a Mac) and you are trying to open a page developed by WCSU which hasn’t yet been converted to Banner 9.  A list of WCSU pages and their conversion status can be found on the Banner 8 Forms Transformation page.  You will need to use INB 8 for these pages until the conversion is completed.
    2. The page is taking more time than usual to open, and the app has given up.  If this happens, go back to the search screen/dashboard home page and try to open it again.

    If neither is the case, or you still can’t open the page, open a new incident on or call the Help Desk.  Include the page you are trying to access and the brand of browser you are using.

  • How do I get my report output from Banner 9?

    When you run your report through Job Submission, you're looking for the old Options menu to view your output.  In Banner 9, you find this option under the Related menu, located in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

    For more information, tips, and reference guides, see Resources

  • Does Banner 9 work with Internet Explorer?

    Yes, but not really well.  Banner 9 is designed for modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.  These browsers are optimized for RESTful applications, and will work much faster with Banner 9 than Internet Explorer will.

    While we are transitioning from Banner 8 to Banner 9, some pages that were developed by WCSU and not by Ellucian are still only available in the legacy INB 8 app.  If you need to use these pages or forms in the same window as Banner 9, you will have to use Internet Explorer (or Firefox if you’re a Mac user).

    For the list of pages that are still only available as INB 8 forms, see the Banner 8 Forms Transformation page.

  • I just got prompted for an Oracle Password. What’s happening?

    This will happen if

    • You are opening a page that was created by WCSU and not by Ellucian
    • Said page has not been converted to Banner 9 yet
    • You are using Internet Explorer on Windows, or Firefox on a Mac

    It’s actually a feature that lets you use Banner 9 and punch through to Banner 8 when there’s no Banner 9 option.  The advantage is that you can use one browser window and session for both.  The disadvantage is that using IE will degrade your Banner 9 experience.

    The Oracle password is your Banner INB user password.

    See the Banner 8 Forms Transformation page for the status of WCSU pages which are in the process of being converted to Banner 9.  If the page you’re trying to get to isn’t on the list, it’s most likely a bad configuration in the Banner 9 app.  Open an incident on or call the Help Desk to report it.  Include the name of the page you are trying to access, and the brand of browser that you are using.