Let Me Introduce You to Stress


LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO STRESS by Deborah Augenbraun, PsyD

Image of the beach’s everywhere. We all experience it. Depending on what is going on in our lives we have more or less of it at times.

Broadly defined, STRESS is any change in our environment that we have to adapt to. For example, stress can be associated with positive changes such as an achievement, starting college, moving to a new home, getting a job, starting a new relationship. Or to other changes such as academic assignments, taking tests, having a disagreement with a friend or loved one, being away from home, or having too much to do.

STRESS is neither good nor bad. It can motivate us, help us focus our attention, or overcome challenges. Some people live on the high end of stress. As long as you have the resources to cope with your stressors you can stay in balance. It is when STRESS exceeds our RESOURCES for coping is where difficulties sometimes arise.


HOW you can COPE and Get Back into Balance…..


STEP 1….RECOGNIZE your signs….are you more emotional? physically tense? behavior changes? thinking more negatively?


STEP 2...PRESS PAUSEstep back, literally take a breath, breathe in, breathe out. Go for a short walk around the block to clear your mind. Talk with someone who is a good listener. Get a drink of water. Take a moment and calm yourself. You Got This! You Can Do This!


STEP 3FIGURE OUT what’s causing your stress. Can you do anything about it? If yes…


STEP 4..MAKE A PLAN for how to deal with your stressor. If you can’t do anything about it, practice Acceptance.


STEP 5BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF What do you need right now, what would help you feel better (movement, rest, connection with others, nourishment, distraction, creativity, spirituality, quiet). Remember, “You got this!”