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Division of Student Affairs


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for counseling?

Counseling Services are available to any full-time or part-time matriculated student who is enrolled at Western. Services are free, confidential, and voluntary. Students may receive up to twelve sessions between August 1st to July 31st.

If you are currently receiving services from a community provider, it is contraindicated for you to receive on-going treatment from Counseling Services.

What can I expect during a counseling session?

During the first intake session with a counselor, you will be asked to describe your presenting concerns to establish appropriate treatment goals. This assessment will determine if your needs are best met by the Center’s services. If it is determined that you would be better served by a community provider, you will be offered referrals.

How do I make the most out of my experience?

Being committed to the counseling process is extremely important to achieve desired outcomes. It may be helpful to think ahead of time about what issues you would like to discuss with your counselor. It is beneficial to be prepared to explore treatment goals.

How do I set up an appointment to see a counselor?

Appointments can be scheduled by calling (203)837-8690 or walking into Counseling Services located in the Student Center, Room 222. At that time, you will be asked for contact information, your availability and a short series of questions to determine whether an urgent or personal counseling session is needed. If it is determined that a personal counseling session is appropriate, you will be contacted within 48 hours with a scheduled appointment. If an urgent counseling session is indicated or requested, a counselor will be notified and a clinical decision will be determined. Hours of Operation are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, closed between 12 to 1pm.

Who will know I made an appointment?

No one will know unless you give specific, written consent to a counselor. The counselors in the office and the department’s clerical staff are bound by ethics and confidentiality laws that prohibit them from revealing any student information to anyone.

What if I miss my appointment? have to cancel? or reschedule?

A personal commitment to the counseling process is critical to success. We strongly encourage students to keep all appointments made, however, if you cannot keep an appointment due to illness or other extenuating circumstance, please call 203-837-8690 as soon as possible.

How can I refer someone I am concerned about?

In the event that you are concerned about someone, Counseling Services provides consultation to students, faculty, staff and family members. The Counseling Services staff is available to discuss concerns, provide guidance and referrals, as well as, recommendations via the phone or in person.  Additionally, a student can be accompanied to Counseling Services. It is helpful that your concerns are clearly communicated with the Counseling services staff prior to sending a student. For emergency or life threatening events, please call 911.

Note: Due to client confidentiality laws, we cannot inform you as to whether the student makes or keeps and appointment without the student’s written permission.

How can records be obtained?

Counseling Services must comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Consistent with this federal law, in the event that treatment records are requested, upon receipt of the student’s written consent, records will only be sent directly to the provider designated by the student. The Counseling Services policy is not to review or release treatment records to students. 34 CFR § 99.3 “Education Records” (b)(4).

Does Counseling Services close during inclement weather?

If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, your regularly scheduled appointment with Counseling Services will be cancelled.  Please contact Counseling Services during the next business day to reschedule your appointment.


Counseling Services, Midtown Student Center Room 222,
Phone: 203.837.8690, Email: CounselingServices@wcsu.edu, Fax:203.837.8416