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History : History Department Faculty

Abubaker Saad

Warner Hall #219
Office Phone: (203) 837-8480


Ph.D., History, The University of Washington, Seattle, 1987
M.A., Political Science, Portland State University, 1974
B.A., Commerce and Economics, University of Libya, 1966

Teaching Interests:

Middle East History and Cultures
Islamic Religion and Civilization
History of Africa

Dr. Saad is currently writing monographs dealing with Iraq and Arab unity, 1941-1958 and Iraq and the Palestine question, 1941-1958.  He is also researching and writing essays on the Anglo-Iraqui war of 1941 and Iraq and the creation of the Arab League.  He has give numerous scholarly and public presentations on contemporary Middle Eastern political issues, Jordanian domestic politics, and North African culture, society, and politics.  Most recently, Dr. Saad has been in demand as an authority on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts in the Middle East.