History : History Department Faculty

Katherine Allocco

Warner Hall 215
Office Phone: 837-8482
Email: alloccok@wcsu.edu


PhD.  University of Texas at Austin, 2004
MA.   University of North Carolina at Wilmington, 1997
BA.    Oberlin College, 1993

Teaching Interests:


I offer courses in Medieval Britain, Medieval and Early Modern Women, Medieval Cities, Medieval Mysticism, King Arthur in History and Medieval Monsters. I also regularly teach the Introduction to Women’s Studies course.


Research Interests and Publications:


Dr. Allocco’s research specializes in issues of gender, power and authority in late medieval England and France. Currently, Dr. Allocco explores these topics through studying medieval women, particularly queens and warriors, in medieval manuscripts and art, and also in modern sources, such as comic books and film. She is particularly interested in depictions of women in medieval chronicles, focusing often on The Middle English Prose Brut.

Dr. Allocco’s dissertation is an unpublished document written solely to satisfy the demands of the graduate committee. Any version available online or elsewhere is unauthorized and has been distributed and obtained without the author’s knowledge or consent. If you do not hold a University of Texas library card and wish to see my unpublished dissertation, you must first request my permission. Please send me an email and I will send you a .pdf of my unpublished dissertation. Those who receive a .pdf copy from me may not share it with anyone else. I will continue to share my dissertation with graduate students and scholars who contact me and receive my permission until 2024. Once it is twenty years old, however, I believe that it will be too out-of-date.