History, Philosophy & World Perspectives : History Department Faculty

Leslie Lindenauer

Warner Hall 212
Office Phone: 203-837-9046
Email: lindenauerl@wcsu.edu


PhD  New York University  1997
MA  New York University   1985
BA  Brown University 1980

Teaching Interests:

Early American History
Early American Women
Early American Religious Culture
Witchcraft/Witch-hunting in Early America and in Popular Culture
The Body, Body Image, and Body Conflict in American Culture
Public History; Museums/museology; Museum Education

Research Interests and Publications:

Dr. Lindenauer’s research focuses on gender, religious culture, and popular religion in early America.  Her book, Piety and Power: Gender and Religious Culture in the American Colonies, 1630-1700, examines Protestant religion comparatively, in Massachusetts, What’s New York, and Virginia, and suggests that Protestant culture was gendered, and that women identified rare moments of authority in the context of their religion.  More recently she has been exploring the witch in popular culture, from 1700 to the Civil War.  Dr. Lindenauer also has an academic and professional interest in public history; before pursuing her academic career, she worked as a museum educator and administrator, as an historical editor, and with organizations that employed historical discourse in political advocacy.