WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Human Resources

Full Time Employees

Important Information for Full Time Employees

All employees are required to review and be familiar with the WCSU Policies and Procedures which can be found on the following link:
WCSU’s Policies & Procedures

Forms to Complete
The below forms are required to be completed upon hire.  Please bring the completed forms and acceptable I-9 documents with you to your New Hire Orientation Meeting with Human Resources.

New Hire Data Sheet
Tax Form: CT State W4-2021 – Return page 1 only
Tax Form: Federal W4-2021  – Return page 1 only
Employment Eligibility Verification – Form I-9Use Google Chrome to access
       I-9 Form – List of Acceptable Documents – You MUST bring the required document(s) to your New Hire Orientation Meeting.
IPEDS Survey
Direct Deposit Information – Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Retirement Plan Beneficiary Form CO-999
Retirement Plan Election Form – CO-931h
Retiree Health Fund Form – CO-1300B (Not applicable for AAUP Special Appointments)

New Hire Employees – the information on the following links will be covered in your New Hire Orientation Meeting with Human Resources.

Prospective employment candidates may review the information on the following links to assist with decision making.

Full Time Classified Employees – includes: Maintenance & Service Unit, Administrative & Residual, Protective Service & Clerical Employees

Full Time Unclassified Employees – includes: AAUP Faculty; Management & Confidential and SUOAF Employees