Human Resources

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

NEOGOV LEARN TRAINING PORTAL – WCSU’s Policies & Procedures New Training Portal

Employee Training Center Link: NEOGOV LEARN

AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research with Public or Private Entities Compliance Proceduresopens PDF file

AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research with Public or Private Entities Compliance Formopens PDF file

AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research – BOR Policyopens PDF file

AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research – Frequently Asked Questionsopens PDF file

AAUP Faculty – Request for Approval to Accept External Teaching Employment During the Fall or Spring Semester

Affirmative Action Policy Statement

Alcohol Policy – University-wide Alcohol Beverage Policyopens PDF file

Animals on Campusopens PDF file – BOR Policy

Attendance Policy opens PDF file

Background Check Policy – CSUS Pre-Employment Background Verification Policyopens PDF file

Change of Name and/or Addressopens PDF file

Code of Conduct – BOR Policyopens PDF file

Consensual Relationship between CSUS Employeesopens PDF file  

Consensual Relationship between CSUS Employees & Studentsopens PDF file  

Delayed Openings & Early Closures of the University Due to Inclement Weatheropens PDF file

Digital Accessibility Policy – CSCU Policy

Direct Deposit Informationopens PDF file   –  Direct Deposit Formopens PDF file

Disabilities Policy – BOR Policy Regarding Persons with Disabilitiesopens PDF file

Disposition of Public Recordsopens PDF file

Drugs and Alcohol Use and Abuse – WCSU Statement on Use and Abuse of Drugs and Alcohol opens PDF file

Dual Employment Policy   opens PDF file Restrictions to Dual Employment: Dual Employment Restrictionsopens PDF file

Electronic Monitoring Noticeopens PDF file

Emergency Closing Policyopens PDF file

Employment & Living in a University Residence – Policy Related to Employment University Residenceopens PDF file

Ethics Policy, Procedures & State Ethics Postersopens PDF file

Expense & Refreshment Policyopens PDF file

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Benefits & Guidelinesopens PDF file

Family Violence Leave Policyopens PDF file

FlexTime, Compensatory Time & Overtime Payment Procedures for Management/Confidential & SUOAF Employees Using Core-CTopens PDF file

Freedom of Information Act – CSUS Handbook – opens PDF file All FOI Requests should be directed to: Peggy Boyle @ FOIARequest@wcsu.educreate new email

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliance – CSUS Board Resolution – BR#06-9opens PDF file

Housing & Residence Life Staff – Live-In Partner & Pet Guidelines & Procedures – NEW 10-2022

Information Security Policyopens PDF file

Internal Position Reclassification Procedureopens PDF file

Nepotism in Employmentopens PDF file

Opioid Overdose Prevention and Awarenessopens PDF file opens WORD file – BOR Policy

Political Activity on CSCU Campusesopens PDF file

Political Activity – Department of Administrative Services – General Letter No. 214-Dopens PDF file

Position Action Form Procedureopens PDF file

Position Action Form – sampleopens PDF file – contact HR for this form

Procedure for Part-Time AAUP Member Appointment

Records Retention and Disposition Policyopens PDF file

Recruitment Expense Reimbursement Procedures opens PDF file – Updated 12-2021

Reporting Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child Policy & Training Instructions from the Department of Children & Families – Mandatory Trainingopens PDF file

Separation from University Employment – Exit Proceduresopens PDF file

Smoking Policyopens PDF file

Sexual Misconduct, Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Policy – BOR CSUS Policyopens PDF file

Telecommuting Policy for Management & Confidential Employeesopens PDF file

Telework (SEBAC) for Classified Staffopens PDF file

Telework for SUOAF Employeesopens PDF file

Title IX

Tuition Reimbursement Program for Classified Staff – DAS Policy & Procedures

Tuition Reimbursement Form – A&R, Maintenance & Clerical Staffopens PDF file

Tuition Waiver – CSCU Tuition Waiver Policy for Clerical NP-3 Employeesopens PDF file – Please review prior to completing the Tuition Waiver Form for Clerical Staffopens PDF file

Tuition Waiver – MFA-Writing Courses Guidelines – AAUP, Mgmt/Conf, SUOAF – opens PDF file please review if taking MFA courses

Tuition Waiver – Graduate Courses – Job-Related Questionnaire – AAUP, Mgmt/Conf, SUOAF – Must Complete if Submitting a Waiver for Graduate Coursesopens PDF file

Tuition Waiver – opens PDF file Graduate Courses – Tax Implications –opens PDF file AAUP, Mgmt/Conf, SUOAF –opens PDF file  please review if waiver is for graduate level courses

Tuition Waiver Form – AAUP, Management/Confidential & SUOAF Employeesopens PDF file

Uniformed Services Employment & Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

University Assistant Hiring Proceduresopens PDF file

University Assistant Recommendation for Hiring Formopens PDF file Updated 06-2021NOTE: You must have approval to hire before completing this form.

University Assistant Wage Compensation Guidelines –opens PDF file Updated 09-2020

Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policyopens PDF file

Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program (VSRP) – Department of Administrative Services (DAS) Policy

Voluntary Schedule Reduction Programopens PDF file – WCSU Memo 04-2016

Voluntary Schedule Reduction Program –  opens PDF file Request for Schedule Change Form – opens PDF file CT-HR-7copens PDF file

Volunteer Hiring Procedures & Request Form for Athletic Coachesopens PDF file

Volunteer Hiring Procedures & Request Formopens PDF file

Whistleblower Policyopens PDF file

Workers’ Compensation Procedures – link to Payroll website

Workers’ Compensation – First Report of Injury Form – WC-207 –opens PDF file Supervisor Completes, Calls in & Submits to Human Resources