Human Resources

Full Time Unclassified Employees

Important Information for Full Time Unclassified Employees

The below information applies to AAUP, SUOAF and Management/Confidential employees.

Informational Materials

Human Resources will review the following information at your new employee benefits meeting; however, it is recommended you review the retirement information prior to your meeting as you will have to make an irrevocable choice about your plan by your hire date.




Paid Leave Benefits – AAUPopens PDF file
Paid Leave Benefits – SUOAFopens PDF file
Paid Leave Benefits – Management/Confidentialopens PDF file
Sick Leave Bank – New employees are required to donate four (4) sick leave days.  Please refer to your collective bargaining agreement for further information.

Medical Certificate Requirement – An acceptable medical certificate is required to substantiate any period of sick absence consisting of more than five (5) consecutive working days. Weekends and holidays that occur during the sick leave usage do not interrupt the continuous period of absence. If an employee is out sick for more than five (5) consecutive working days, the Human Resources department should be contacted by either the employee or their supervisor. This allows Human Resources to determine whether an employee is eligible for job-protected leave under the Family and Medical Leave Entitlements Additionally, employees who have been out more than five (5) consecutive sick days cannot return to work unless they have provided an acceptable medical certificate from their healthcare provider clearing them to return to their full work duties with no restrictions.

CORE-CT Self Service End User Manual Full-Time Employeesopens PDF file
Core-CT Payroll System for Viewing Paystubs Online & Entering Electronic Timesheet
User ID: 6 digit Employee Number (will be emailed to you)
Temporary Password: first 4 letters of last name uppercase & last 4 digits of SS#
Set up Automatic Password Reset Function
If you need assistance with your CORE-CT password, please email CoreCtIssues@wcsu.educreate new email
Payroll Calendaropens PDF file
Compensatory Time Accrual, Flextime, Overtime Payment Proceduresopens PDF file SUOAF & Management/Confidential Only

Employee Training CenterYou will receive an email from NEOGOV Learn  so you can login.  The activation email is only valid for 5 days. You will have 45 days to complete the on-line training courses and review the applicable policies.  

Evaluation – Management/Confidentialopens PDF file
Evaluation – SUOAFopens WORD file
Evaluation – AAUP Teaching Facultyopens PDF file
Evaluation – AAUP Counselorsopens PDF file
Evaluation – AAUP Librariansopens PDF file
Evaluation – AAUP Athletic Coachesopens PDF file
Evaluation – AAUP Athletic Trainersopens PDF file

AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research with Public or Private Entities Compliance Proceduresopens PDF file
AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research Frequently Asked Questionsopens PDF file
AAUP Faculty Consulting & Research with Public or Private Entities Compliance Formopens PDF file

Collective Bargaining Agreements
Biweekly Union Dues & Union Steward Contact Information:
AAUP – 1% of gross annual salary – Union Contact: Dr. Rotua Lumbantobing – Email: lumbantobingr@wcsu.educreate new email   Phone: 203-837-8457
SUOAF – $28.00 – Union Contact: Rebecca Woodward – Email: woodwardr@wcsu.educreate new email  Phone: 203-837-8760

Tuition Waiver Programopens PDF file
Employee Assistance Program
Credit Unionsopens PDF file
Fire Safety Guide for Administrative and Academic Buildingsopens PDF file
Emergency Notification System

Campus Mapopens PDF file –  Staff ID and keys can be obtained at the WestConnect Card Office, Old Main Building, rear of building, tele: 203-837-9311.  Parking permit is mailed directly to the employee’s campus address – please inquire with your department secretary.