Registration for New Student Orientation Has begun!


Welcome New Students

Western Connecticut State University hosts our New Student Orientation Program for students entering in the fall semester in two parts.

First, our main Summer Orientation program in June/July. Second, Welcome Week beginning the first week of classes. Together these programs help you with the transition of becoming a successful WCSU student.


Welcome Week consists of a variety of programs scheduled before, during, and after the first week of classes ranging from workshops and lectures to barbecues, clubs carnival, movies, and concerts. Parents are encouraged to attend the Entering the Gates Ceremony and tour WCSU on the first day of Welcome Week only. We are excited to announce that we will be able to provide an in person Welcome Week, but will continue to assess the situation and provide updates with regards to our Welcome Week program in the fall.

Students who have joined us for Orientation have had a great experience! Here's what they have been saying.