Transfer Students



Last Updated: July 26, 2019

Transfer Orientation

Transfer students should meet with an advisor and register for classes as soon as they are accepted.  Please contact the Academic Advisement Center via email at aac@wcsu.edu to schedule an appointment.  Students are also welcome to walk-in at the Academic Advisement Center in Old Main 202 for an appointment during the hours of 8am-4:30pm.

We are strongly encouraging you to attend our Transfer Student Orientation on August 22 from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Midtown Student Center because we sincerely believe that meeting your fellow students, faculty, and staff will be beneficial and fun. If you are a transfer student who will be residing on campus and you would like to move-in on the day of Transfer Student Orientation please send a request to housing@wcsu.edu

We have created a special transfer orientation just for you! Please sign up no later than August 19

Here is the schedule for the day:

  • 9-9:45am                     Check-in & Continental Breakfast in Student Center Lobby
  • 9:45-10am                   Welcome to WCSU in SC 201
  • 10-10:45am                  Student-to-Student Session with small groups led by Orientation leaders on Student Center Plaza
  • 10:45am-1pm              Making the Transition to WCSU in SC2
  • 1-2pm                            Lunch in Student Center Restaurant and Free Time to get your ID at WestConnect Card Office or Set up your Computer Account
  • 2-2:45pm                      Event Sponsored by PAC
  • 2:45-3pm                      Wrap-up of the Day in Student Center Theater
  • 3-3:30pm                      Optional Campus Tour, Get your ID or set up your Computer Account

Check out our Helpful Hints webpage for some fun and useful information about Western, Danbury, and things to do in the area.

LEAP (Learn, Engage, Adapt, Plan) Week

We have learned over the years that most transfer students prefer to be part of the group so we encourage you to take part in all of the orientation events we offer and in particular attend your residence hall orientation or the commuter orientation during LEAP Week.  If you need any help in academic matters, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs office and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with an adviser.

How to get connected at WCSU

In beginning your education at WCSU, it is important to get connected with both your faculty and your peers.  To that end there are a number of activities that we suggest you consider attending.  For example, every Thursday you could attend the Midtown Coffeehouse at 8 p.m. in the Colonial Corner in the Midtown Student Center.  The evening usually starts with an hour of open mic, followed by a featured performer.  The Coffeehouse is always free and sandwiches, soda and, of course, coffee are always on the house.

On some Fridays you could attend the Best Darn Jazz Club in Danbury usually scheduled for 8 p.m. in the Colonial Corner in the Midtown Student Center.  This event is also free to all students and a fun way to see WCSU’s talented students and meet new people.  Friday After Hours takes place from 10 p.m. to midnight most often in the Colonial Corner in the Midtown Student Center and usually features food and some kind of fun theme.

Perhaps the best way to connect with WCSU is at Clubs Carnival.  Virtually every student organization will have a table to present their program to new students.  In addition, there will be music and amusements.  You can find a list of active student organizations here, or learn how to start your own club.  If you are commuting, consider joining the Commuter Student Organization.  There is something for everyone and every age so sign up for email notifications and join one organization or many, depending on your available time.

And at the end of the day, you can relax and unwind and have a cup of Starbuck’s coffee at The Daily Grind in the Westside Campus Center which is open most afternoons and nights.

For additional activities and events please check on WCSU’s event calendar.