Frequently Asked Questions about New Student Orientation

Last updated: July 10, 2024

Technology Frequently Asked Questions

Is New Student Orientation mandatory?

Yes, New Student Orientation is mandatory! Orientation is the time when you get ready for life at WCSU. You will meet some faculty, fellow students, and obtain invaluable information that will help make your experience at WCSU successful and rewarding.

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Do I need to show any other immunization if I will be residing on campus?

Students living on campus must also provide proof of having received a Meningococcal vaccine (must include group A, C, Y&W-135 or Menactra) within 5 years of moving into the residence hall. This is a mandatory vaccine and students will not be allowed to select a room without it. Please mail or fax (203-837-8583) form to Health Services before the start of the semester.

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How do I find out about how to get involved on campus?

Orientation Leaders will be able to answer this question during your New Student Orientation session.  You can also visit the Center for Student Involvement/Student Activities website and see what clubs and organizations are already on campus or how to form your own club.  During Welcome Week in August you can meet many of the clubs during Club’s Carnival.

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How do I get my school photo ID?

You can obtain your university WESTCONNect Photo ID Card by going to the WESTCONNect main website and following the directions.

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How do I know which session to attend?

The New Student Orientation sessions are divided according to your major and we ask that you attend on the day for you major.

New Student Orientation, School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts, Monday/Tuesday, June 17/18
New Student Orientation, School of Professional Studies, Thursday/Friday, June 20/21
New Student Orientation, Ancell School of Business, Monday/Tuesday, June 24/25
New Student Orientation, Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences, Thursday/Friday, June 27/28
New Student Orientation, Make-up Session (for those students who could not attend the day of their major) Monday/Tuesday, July 8/9

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How do I make changes to my class schedule after Orientation?

Students can make changes to their schedule, after orientation, in the University Advisement Center, Old Main 202.  Any questions can be directed to (203) 837-8397.

Keep your schedule before you’re told how to change it! Your schedule was built of courses your academic department determined for you and it will provide you with the best start to make degree progress and prepare for Spring courses.

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How do I register for New Student Orientation?

Please follow this link to register for one of our in-person orientation sessions.

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What if I am a part-time student?

Part-time, matriculated students are invited and encouraged to attend all of our New Student Orientation programs – both New Student Orientation and Welcome Week at the beginning of the fall semester.  Just like our full-time students you can learn a lot about WCSU to enhance your college experience.

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What if I am an adult or non-traditional student?  Do I still need to attend New Student Orientation?

You are welcome to attend! We understand non-traditional students may have family or work obligations and find it difficult to attend.

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What if I am on vacation during New Student Orientation and can’t attend?

If you are not able to attend on the day of your major you must attend on the Make-up Session, July 8/9, Monday/Tuesday

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What immunizations must I provide in order to register for classes?

Connecticut State University Immunization Requirements

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What is the cost of the Orientation?

There is no additional cost associated with New Student Orientation.

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What requirements are there before I am allowed to register?

The following information must be in place before you can register for classes:

You need to have made your $200.00 non-refundable Admissions deposit.

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What should I bring to the overnight New Student Orientation?

You should bring the following items to New Student Orientation:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Overnight bedding to include twin sheets, pillow and blanket for the bed.
  • Toiletries, including shower supplies, towel, shower shoes/flip flops.
  • Small fan if desired because dorm room is not air conditioned.

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What time does New Student Orientation start?

New Student Orientation starts at 8 a.m. with check-in in Litchfield Hall.

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When and Where is Orientation? and how do I know which session to attend?

There are four New Student Orientation sessions scheduled in June and one in July. Students should attend the session for their major. If you are not able to attend the day of your session you need to attend our Make-Up Day session.

Session 1:  June 17/18 (Monday/Tuesday), School of Visual, Performing, and Communication Arts

Session 2:  June 20/21 (Thursday/Friday), School of Professional Studies

Session 3:  June 24/25 (Monday/Tuesday), Ancell School of Business

Session 4: June 27/28 (Thursday/Friday), Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Session 5: July 8/9 (Monday/Tuesday), Make-Up Day

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When can new students move into the residence halls?

The Housing and Residence Life department has announced Friday, August 23 as move-in day.  Students will be assigned a time slot for move-in. Please check your WCSU email account in mid-August for your specific time slot and more details.

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When does Welcome Week begin?

Welcome Week begins with the Move-in Day and the Entering the Gates ceremony on Friday, August 23.

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When do Fall classes begin?

In 2024, classes begin on Tuesday, August 27

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When do I receive my class schedule?

All incoming students are preregistered for the Fall 2024 semester based on courses their department identifies are necessary for their first semester. You will access your schedule during the afternoon session on Day Two of Orientation with the University Advisement Center.

Schedules are NOT mailed to students

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When will I get information about New Student Orientation?

After you have paid your $200.00 non-refundable deposit we will send you an invitation email regarding New Student Orientation.

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Where do I go to pay my bill or find out about Financial Aid?

Please visit the Cashier’s Office website for all your billing inquiries.

Please visit The Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment website for all of your financial aid questions.

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Who should attend the New Student Orientation program?

All new students and their parents are welcome to attend the New Student Orientation session. The orientation sessions are geared towards students and there will also be planned activities for parents in the morning on Day 1 of New Student Orientation. Transfer students may choose to attend our transfer orientation on Thursday, August 22.

Siblings are welcome to attend with parents on Day 1 of the New Student Orientation session with you however, there are no planned activities for siblings.

Technology FAQ

How do I get a WCSU User account?

WCSU User Accounts are automatically created for accepted students. An informational message containing instructions for setting up a password is sent to your personal email address given when applying through Admissions. If you are unsure what your account information is please contact the IT&I Service Desk at 203-837-8467 or at requestIT@wcsu.educreate new email.

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Is WCSU Wireless?

Western Connecticut State University is 100% wireless, including residence halls and wireless printing. To use the wireless network, your laptop or other mobile device must be equipped with a wireless network adapter. To use the WCSU wireless network and wireless printing, you must have a WCSU User Account. To learn more about the wireless network and wireless printing, please visit https://support.wcsu.edu and select “internet and Wi-Fi”.

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What is a WestConnduit?

WestConnduit is WCSU’s campus portal.  It brings together campus announcements, upcoming events, social media and access to essential resources.

WestConnduit can be accessed by visiting www.wcsu.edu and clicking on the WestConnduit link.

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What is the myWCSU app?

WCSU has a mobile app for quick, on-the-go access to important information and services including campus news, events, email, course registrations, grades, important phone numbers and more. Download it today from the opens in a new windowApp Store or opens in a new windowGoogle Play

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