2014 Orientation Leaders


Billy Trotta

Hometown: Danbury, CT
Major: Communications, Media Arts: Production, and a Minor in Marketing

Words of Wisdom: Make sure to take advantage of all the opportunities Western has to offer.  Joining a club, student organization, or playing a sport can help you get involved and make the most of your college experience.



Alexandra Baum

Hometown: Brookfield, CT
Major: Pre-Nursing

Words of Wisdom: Be involved, don't be afraid to do something you never thought you would.  Don't be nervous, Western has a wonderful staff to help you through this new experience, we're here to help!


Brent Bailey, Jr

Hometown: New Haven, CT

Words of Wisdom: Never Give Up, Never Surrender. New students should experience all the opportunities that Western offers, enter Western with an open mind.


Alexandra Mercado (Lexie)

Hometown: East Hartford, CT
Major: Psychology

Words of Wisdom: Get involved as much as you can! Don't be afraid to try something new, although it may seem hard at times just keep swimming! You're never alone. Don't be afraid to ask questions about getting adjusted to college life, Western has a lot to offer!



Allison Vas

Hometown: Danbury, CT
Elementary Education, English Concentration

Words of Wisdom: Get involved on campus. Ask questions. Take advantage of all the opportunities around you. Western may seem like a small school at first but it has so much to offer, from a plethora of clubs and organizations to trips in NYC and Boston, and from a variety of internships to so many study abroad opportunities. Make the most of what the school gives you. I personally fell in love with campus and the people and have gotten so much more out of my experience here than I ever expected to.


Ariana Mesaros

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT

Words of Wisdom: College can be as fun as you make it! Take advantage of all the opportunities you can, you'll never get as much free stuff as you do in college! Since I started I became a part of the cheerleading team, the recreation department and SGA. It is such a good way to build a social network but it can be overwhelming coming in as incoming freshman, so I'm here to help!


Eden Edwards-Harris

Hometown: Gaylordsville, CT
Exploratory Studies -- looking to becoming a Nursing major

Words of Wisdom: College is a time to be the person you've always wanted to be. Reach your full potential and when you think you've reached it set higher goals for yourself. Make college what high school wasn't. Take advantage of every opportunity, no matter how small. Get involved! Go to class; do not let skipping become a habit! Make the balance between social activities and academics because at the end of the day you're here to get an education! Reach out and say you need help, use the excellent resources that Western has to offer! You have more control than you may think, take control! 


Jake Lipinsky

Hometown: Seymour, CT

Words of Wisdom: Go to every event possible! It will make your college experience a lot better, help you meet people, make friends, and become involved in your campus!



Jeff Field

Hometown: Brewster, NY

Words of Wisdom: Get involved like I did! I am a Senator on the Student Government, and a brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  My favorite part of Western has to be the support system available to all students.  A large portion of the faculty here are willing to offer their time, and expertise to any student that reaches out to them.



Kaleigh Cragan

Hometown: Oxford, CT

Words of Wisdom: I'm involved in Hall Council and the Shadowing Program. A quick tip of advice I'd give to any incoming students is to stay involved around campus - it's a fun and exciting way to learn new things and make awesome friends! Good luck class of 2018!



Louise Carrozza

Hometown: Meriden, CT
Music Education, Voice

Words of Wisdom: Be vulnerable and put yourself out there! Everyone is in the same boat as you, so take advantage of this opportunity to make new friends.  I hope to spark some excitement in the new students as they get immersed in the Western community- their new home.




Marissa Theriault

Hometown: Southington, CT

Words of Wisdom: To all the incoming freshmen, take a deep breath because you're about to make some amazing changes in your life and have a great time. I decided to become an Orientation Leader because I was terrified of coming to college, but after being at WCSU for three days, I absolutely loved it. The programs put on by the Orientation Leaders helped me to meet my friends and start making the most out of my college experience!



Bryan Sebastian Orellana

Hometown: Danbury, CT
Computer Science and Mathematics.

Words of Wisdom: "Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Have an open mind and experience new and different things." Branch out and have a successful first year!



Jessica Tryon

Hometown: Oakdale, CT

Words of Wisdom: "only you can control your future" - Dr. Seuss - Get involved with organizations on campus that fit what you love!  Have pride in Western like I do!



Ciera Clarke 

Hometown: Bridgeport, CT
Social Work

Words of Wisdom: Trust your heart - choose the course of study that interests and inspires you, and throw yourself into it. Don't choose a path merely because it satisfies the expectations of others, or because it seems prudent. You're a good kid - take a chance on yourself. Get excited about school and the great new opportunities Western has in store for you! 



Jerry DeJesus

Hometown: Kensington, CT
Major: Psychology

Words of Wisdom:  I would advise all freshmen to take a chance and join a club that they would not have considered in high school. Along the way you'll meet some great people just don't be afraid to take chances at a new school with great opportunities to offer.



Jose Lebron

Hometown: Danbury, CT
Major: Illustration & Graphic Design

Words of Wisdom: College is an opportunity to explore and test your boundaries of where you may want to be in the future and the best way to start that is by getting involved on campus.



Krystal Arroyo

Hometown: Waterbury, CT
Major: Nursing

Words of Wisdom: To all the new students, this is a brand new chapter in your lives. You might be nervous, scared, and even afraid to be on your own. Trust me, I was just in your position. But, the people you meet here and the experiences you have, will make up for that. You're going to learn to be independent. You're going to experience stress, but that's okay because every single college student experiences stress on a daily basis. I want to welcome you on your new journey, and as an Orientation Leader, I will be there if you need someone.  I chose to be an OL because I was in your shoes once and I want to be able to help you with anything you need. Good luck Class of 2018!



Kyle Venditti

Hometown: New Milford, CT
Major: Professional Writing with a Concentration in Creative Writing

Words of Wisdom: My advice for new students is to get involved as much as possible. College is an experience that is determined by what you put into it, so try your best in classes, study and have fun with many new people and you'll do great here! I want to be an Orientation Leader to help make new students comfortable here at Western and show them all opportunities for them to succeed here. But above all else, College should be a fun experience, and looked back on ten years after graduation with jubilant memories. Have fun!



Jessica Richards

Hometown: Brookfield, CT
Major: Elementary Education/Psychology

Words of Wisdom: My advice for the new students is to get involved! Joining clubs and organizations is the best thing you can do to feel involved and get the most out of Western. Also, enjoy college while it's here, it really is the fastest four years of your life.


Ryan Noel

Hometown: Stamford, CT
Major: Computer Science and MIS

Words of Wisdom:  Take it all one day at a time.



Jessica Torres

Hometown: Meriden, CT
Major: Social Work

Words of Wisdom: The staff and faculty here at Western are amazing; never fear reaching out for support when you really need it. But, most of all, get involved on campus, it is a great way to meet new people and to give back to our school community.

"It is better to be a FAILURE at something you LOVE than to be a SUCCESS at something you HATE." ~George Burns~


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