WCSU Covid-19 Information Fall 2021

Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs

Staff / Contact Information

Welcome to the Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs. Our WCSU’s buildings are closed to the public through May, but we are working. Reach out to us via email or phone. 

Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs
Warner Hall, Suite 103
181 White Street, Danbury CT
Phone: (203) 837-8801
Fax: (203) 837-8602
Email: pcaap@wcsu.edu


Rob Pote, Director
Phone: (203) 837-8802
Email: poter@wcsu.edu


Jessica Coronel, Assistant Director
DHS Office Phone: 203-731-8276
Work Cell Phone: 203-617-5582
WCSU Phone: (203) 837-9861
Email: coronelj@wcsu.edu


Carmen Cornacchia, Upward Bound Site Advisor
Phone: (203) 731-8276 [Danbury High School] or (203) 837-8269 [WCSU]
Email: cornacchiac@wcsu.edu


Yara Zoccarato, Student Support Liaison
Phone: (203) 837-9399
Email: zoccaratoy@wcsu.edu