Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs

EA²P Bridge Program

The Western Connecticut State University EA²P (Educational Achievement & Access) Bridge Program is designed to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their academic pursuits and open doors to higher education. Available to full-time and first-time students, EA²P Bridge supports students from diverse backgrounds in their pursuit of higher education, address academic readiness, skills development, and personalized support. Please refer to our program services page for more information.


One-Week WCSU Bridge to College Experience:

Students who enter the university through the EA²P Bridge Program participate in a one-week, residential summer academy before the first semester at WCSU. The summer academy serves as a foundation for students’ success at WCSU and provides participants with tools and experiences to acclimate to campus.

During the one-week WCSU Bridge to College Experience students:

  • Move in early (for residential students)
  • Receive full housing scholarship for one-week duration of summer academy (for residential students)
  • Receive full meal scholarship for the one-week duration of summer academy (all participants)
  • Partake in team building activities to bond with classmates
  • Attend educational workshops that will aid students’ transition to college
  • Develop relationships with faculty, staff, and students that will help them be successful in their first year
  • Become familiar with WCSU resources and support networks at the university


Fall 2024 one-week WCSU Bridge to College Experience summer academy will take place from August 19th – August 23rd. Attendance is required from all participants


Check out our video from the Fall 2023 WCSU Bridge to College Experience!


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