Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs : EA²P Bridge Program

EA²P Bridge Program Services

The Pre-Collegiate & Access Programs Student Success Center and Student Lounge are located in the Lower level of Berkshire Hall. Currently, the Pre-Collegiate & Access Programs Student Success Center and Student Lounge are currently closed until further notice. 


Program Anticipated Schedule: 

Mandatory EA²P Bridge Orientation: July 26th or 28th 

Mandatory Navigational Support & Advising Boot Camp: August 22nd – 26th 

Mandatory Fall 2021 EA²P Bridge program begins: August 22nd

PLEASE NOTE:  Classes, Trips, Activities, and Schedules are Subject to Change.


All EA²P Bridge students will be provided with the following year-round services including access to the following centers offered by WCSU: 

– Individualized Advisement/ counseling throughout the first year of college

– Access to transitional workshops- For example:

  • Technology
  • Time Management/Study Success
  • Getting Involved on Campus
  • Financial Aid 101
  • Registration
  • Study Strategies


  • The Tutoring Resource Center is located in the Haas Library on the 2nd floor, 203-837-9245. The Center provides students with academic support by addressing the specific content-area needs of the campus community. Students can request support with coursework, projects, discuss effective learning strategies, and deepen their connection with their academic surroundings. (


  • The Math Clinic is located in White Hall, Room 323, 203-837-9351, and Dr. Stavros Christofi is the Director. The Math Clinic is a traditional math tutoring center, where students who have done well in undergraduate level math courses serve as tutors to assist their fellow students with homework problems, projects and preparing for quizzes or exams. The Math Clinic works on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis.(


  • The Writing Center is located on the 3rd Floor of the Haas Library, 203-837-8728. The Center provides students with professional help with their grammar, development style and organization. Writers and Tutors consult in 45-minute sessions. The Writing Center is committed to helping students become better writers, not just to foster better writing. The Center is staffed by graduated and advanced undergraduate student tutors from a variety of majors who have been identified by their professors as advanced writers. Tutors also receive ongoing training in the theory and practice of writing methods. (


  • The Ancell Learning Commons is located on Westside Campus on the 4th floor of the Robert S. Young Library, Westside Classroom Building, 203-837-8567. The Ancell Learning Commons promotes student success by delivering excellence in academic support services for students and faculty.(


  • Individual and Group Counseling Sessions are offered at the WCSU Counseling Center. The center is located on the Midtown Campus Student Center, Room 222, 203-837-8690, and provides free, confidential services to the university community. The Counseling Center provides services to help students develop their problem solving and decision-making potential. (


  • AccessAbility Services focuses on the access of the university and the ability of each student. AccessAbility is located in White Hall, Room 005, 203-837-8225. AccessAbility coordinates and provides accommodations and support services to undergraduate and graduate students with documented disabilities at WCSU. (