Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs

EXCEL Program

The Western Connecticut State University ConnCAP/Excel Program is an opportunity for middle school students to develop their academic potential and achieve their goal of admission into a post-secondary educational program upon completion of high school. The program serves Broadview, Rogers Park and Westside Middle School students in families where neither parent has completed a 4-year college degree and/or low-income families whose taxable income is within our eligibility guidelines.*

The ConnCAP/Excel Program is a year-round program currently serving up to 46 middle school students in grades 7th – 8th. This program begins recruiting students in February of their 6th grade year to develop and strengthen their academic skills. Excel is a feeder program for the Danbury Public Schools Collaborative/Upward Bound program and the majority of students continue on to participate in the high school. Danbury Public Schools Collaborative/Upward Bound will continue to edify and focus their academic and social-personal needs throughout high school in preparation for entrance into a post-secondary educational program.

A mandatory four-week, non-residential summer program is conducted on the campus of Western Connecticut State University. The summer program, in conjunction with Danbury Public Schools Collaborative/Upward Bound, is designed to prepare students academically and socially for the upcoming school year. Students are given English, to strengthen their Language Arts and Writing Skills; Math, to strengthen their Mathematical skills.

During the academic year, each student meets with an academic advisor who monitors his or her academic and behavioral progress. Student progress is shared with parents at the end of each marking period, during Parent Conferences. The Excel Program works collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and guidance counselors to assure that students will work towards their academic potential. The Excel Program involves students in their school and community through program meetings, community service and field trips, thereby enabling the facilitation of a sense of community and unity developed over the summer.

ConnCAP/Excel is funded through the Danbury Board of Education and by the Minority Advancement Program administered by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education.

In short, the Western Connecticut State University Excel Program stands for respect for others, respect for yourself, and the pursuit of lifelong learning!

*Please call our office to be advised of our income guidelines. The telephone numbers are located on the cover page.


PLEASE NOTE:  Classes, Trips, Activities and Schedules are Subject to Change.