Pre-Collegiate and Access Programs

* PASS Program

The Western Connecticut State University PASS (Promoting Academically Successful Students) Program, sponsored by the Connecticut Office of Higher Education, is designed to enable minority and students in underserved populations to make progress towards their academic goals and get back into good academic standing. Using the peer support model and caseload approach, the WCSU PASS program will provide the following services to assist the academic and social development of its participants.

  1. Peer mentors meet with PASS participants to work on study skills, test-taking strategies, and advocacy.
  2. Peer mentors help make students feel more included by developing self-advocacy skills through modeling behavior associated with successful academic progress.
  3. Participants attend weekly meetings with support professionals who will address study skills, financial aid questions, career opportunities, and other campus navigation issues.
  4. Participants receive essential course materials and equipment.

To learn more about participating in the PASS Program, please contact Yara Zoccarato, (203) 837-9399,