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Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Christopher Paone



Christopher Paone is lecturer in the Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department. He served as the Constantine S. and Marie C. Macricostas Endowed Scholar in Hellenic and Modern Greek Studies from 2018 to 2020. He earned his Ph.D. in philosophy from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. His research and teaching focus on Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, as well as moral and political philosophy. Besides teaching and research, he enjoys board games and good coffee.

Recent Research

Diogenes the Cynic on Law and World Citizenship
Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought 35 (2). 2018.

Against the traditional reading of Cynic cosmopolitanism, this essay advances the thesis that Diogenes’ world citizenship is a positive claim supported by philosophical argument and philosophical example. Evidence in favor of this thesis is a new interpretation of Diogenes’ syllogistic argument concerning law (nomos) (D.L. 6.72). Important to the argument are an understanding of Diogenes’ philanthropic character and his moral imperative to ‘re-stamp the currency’. Whereas Socrates understands his care as attached specially to Athens, Diogenes’ philosophical mission and form of care attach not to his native Sinope but to all humanity. An important result is that Diogenes’ Cynicism provides an ancient example of cosmopolitanism that is philanthropic, minimalistic, experimental, and utopian.

Recent Teaching

Spring 2021
– Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (HUM 151)
– Immigration Rights and Wrongs (HUM 223)

Fall 2020
– Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (HUM 151)
– Advanced Interdisciplinary Studies (HUM 451)

Spring 2020
– Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (HUM 151)
– Heroes and Homecomings (HUM 198)

Fall 2019
– Philosophy of Happiness (PHI 106)
– Philosophies of Love and Friendship (PHI 262)

Spring 2019
– Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic Age (HUM 298)
– Refugees: Ancient and Modern (HUM 398)

Fall 2018
– The Greek Experience (HUM 114)
– Love in Western Civilization (HUM 263)

Spring 2018
– Health Care Ethics (PHI 223)
– Philosophies of Love and Friendship (PHI 262)

Fall 2017
– The Greek Experience (HUM 114)
– Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory (PHI 229)