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Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Stuart Dalton

Associate Professor of Philosophy

White Hall 021-A
(203) 837-3282

MA, Villanova University, 1992; PhD, Emory University, 1997

Before coming to WCSU I taught for 15 years at 4 other schools: Georgia State (in Atlanta), University of Hartford (in, um, Hartford), Penn State (in Harrisburg), and Monmouth University (somewhere deep in the swamps of Jersey).

My research and writing focus on 19th and 20th century continental philosophy but I love every part of the entire history of philosophy and I never stop trying to make sense of the whole strange and wonderful mess from the very beginning.

I hope to keep teaching the history of philosophy sequence (PHI 231 Ancient Philosophy, PHI 232 Medieval Philosophy, PHI 233 Modern Philosophy, PHI 234 19th & 20th Century Philosophy) until I drop dead—in fact my goal is to die while teaching one of these classes—and I also try to teach Formal Logic (PHI 211) or Informal Logic (PHI 209) every semester. Other classes I love to teach include: Philosophy of Death and Dying (PHI 245), Philosophy in Literature (PHI 251), Philosophy in Film (PHI 252), Philosophy of Love and Friendship (PHI 262), Philosophy of Language (PHI 315), Social & Political Philosophy (PHI 320), Existentialism (PHI 334), Postmodern Philosophy (PHI 338), Plato’s Dialogues (PHI 381), and Schopenhauer and Nietzsche (PHI 389).

If you want to major in philosophy come and see me! Philosophy majors are my favorite people in the universe.

Like all philosophy professors everywhere I’ve also started my own corporation in order to be prepared for the day—which will surely come—when every university on earth decides that allowing students to study philosophy  is an obscene indulgence in these desperate times. My corporation, Transcendental Heavy Industries, consolidates the only other marketable skills I possess: fixing houses and cars and bicycles.


(Since Chuck the Colonial has recently become unloved and unwanted at this University I have offered him asylum here.)