Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Department

Stuart Dalton

Associate Professor & Department Chair

White Hall 021-A
(203) 837-3282

I was born almost exactly in the middle of Utah, which is a strange and wonderful place to fall into. At the University of Utah while I dabbled in various part-time jobs–ski instructor, volunteer forest ranger, cashier at a gas station that was repeatedly robbed (but fortunately never while I was around) and night watchman at a halfway house that was shut down because the inmates kept escaping (but fortunately never while I was around)–I also took classes in just about everything since I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. One of the classes I stumbled into my freshman year was Intro to Philosophy (MWF 9-9.50, Orson Spencer Hall Auditorium, Professor Peter Y. Windt). Sitting in that crowded auditorium with several hundred students I found what I was looking for. This led to grad school at Villanova and Emory, then a motley procession of jobs in Georgia, Connecticut (first time), Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Connecticut again (one more time).The students at Western are a terrific inspiration for me, and I look forward to seeing the philosophy and humanistic studies programs here become everything these students deserve.


    • MA, Villanova University, 1992; PhD, Emory University, 1997.
    • My research focuses on 19th and 20th century continental philosophy, but I also believe strongly in the importance of understanding and appreciating the history of philosophy as a whole.
    • I teach courses on the history of philosophy, logic, aesthetics, the philosophy of love and friendship, philosophy and pop culture, and interdisciplinary studies.