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Peer Tutor

Justice & Law Administration
General Chemistry

Hours/Schedule: 6-10 hrs./ weekly schedule TBD

Pay Rate: $15.69 / hour (+ $1.00 /hr increase for each level of CRLA certification earned)

For more information on available positions: Contact Lauren Arvisais, TRC Coordinator, arvisaisl@wcsu.edu, 203-837-8225


Requirements for Peer Tutors

The Tutoring Resource Center offers tutoring in over 15 subjects and is are looking to expand our team! We seek exceptional students who are skilled in a subject/content area, possess love of learning and great academic skills and habits, and who enjoy helping and teaching others.

Required Qualifications

  • Current enrollment as undergraduate or graduate program (any major) at Western Connecticut State University;
  • Sophomore standing or above;
  • Overall grade point average of 3.2 or higher and a strong background in the field in which you would like to tutor;
  • Positive outlook on writing and academic work;
  • Demonstrate effective listening skills, compassion for helping others, ability to explain course content concisely;

Preferred Qualifications

  • Earned a grade of a B + or higher in each of the course(s) one would like to tutor in;
  • ​Previous experience as a tutor or peer mentor;
  • Demonstrate ability to work collaboratively and productively with peers;
  • Exemplify an ability to balance both hours as a tutor and dedication
    as a WCSU student in respected program i.e. excellent time management skills.
  • Previous employment involving customer service.

Hours and Salary

  • 6 (minimum) to 10 hours per week
  • $15.69/per hour + $1.00/per hour for each level of certification earned!


Tutoring is the best way to reinforce the concepts you’ve learned and you get the satisfaction
of knowing you’re helping fellow students achieve their goals.

  • Earn CRLA Tutor Certification
  • Work right on WCSU campus;
  • Set your hours according to your schedule;
  • We will pay you while you train;
  • Leadership experience;
  • Good resume builder providing skills employers are looking for.

Interested students should submit the following:

  1. Submit our online application by clicking the “Apply Now!” button below: 
  2. Once Coordinator receives your application she will then contact you (via WCSU email or phone call) regarding a tentative interview time.
  3. Candidates who are recommended for hire will be asked to request a faculty recommendation. Please direct a professor or department chair to the link below to submit a TRC Faculty Peer Tutor Recommendation form. *Please note that the coordinator will follow up with all submitted recommendations.
    For transfer students, a recommendation from prior University faculty member is acceptable.
  4. Lastly, have a printed copy of your resume ready for an interview.


Apply Now!


Faculty Recommendation Form



Testimonials from past TRC peer tutors:

“Working for the Tutoring Resource Center is a great way to give back to the academic community and make a little money too!”

“Tutoring has helped me solidify my choice/career path in teaching – it inspires me to think beyond the traditional lecture style and classroom.”

“There’s nothing better than to see a tutee (who you’ve been working with for months) finish a math problem step-by-step on their own and with no mistakes. We were both grinning from ear-to-ear that day.”