Student Access

Student Access


All students have access to the 24 hour computer labs for the semester in which they are registered. Unless otherwise indicated, all student access is terminated at the end of the semester.

Resident students have access to residence halls with activation and expiration dates as set forth by the Housing and Residence Life Office schedules of building operations.

For more information on resident student access please click on: Resident Student Access

Any other access to secured areas requires and authorized request be made by a university department. The WESTCONNect Office requires an Access Request Form to be submitted by an authorized university department before any access can be granted or programmed.

Students may not request access directly.

For example, if you belong to a club or other student organization that has an office in the Student Center, the request would be made by the department that manages that buildings.

If you are taking a class and you need access to a secured lab for your class work, the academic department secretary will request the access on your behalf.

You will be notified that you have been granted access to the areas requested, but the department that requested that access for you.

Problems with Access

If you need to set or reset a Door Security PIN, click here.

Resident students that are having problems access their residence hall, room, or bathroom should start by reporting the problem to their Resident Director. The Resident Director will be able to troubleshoot and resolve most access problems.

If you have been told that you have access to an area outside of the resident halls, as the access is not working, you may contact the WESTCONNect Office for assistance. The staff in the office will want to know the specific area you tried to access and the date and time of the attempt.