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Health Insurance

November 10, 2016

Important health insurance changes effective fall 2017

As per the CSU Board of Regents for Higher Education Pages 96-98 Minutes October 20, 2016 Meeting, effective with the start of the Academic Year Fall 2017, the CSU Board of Regents Amended Board Resolutions 12-094 and 03-15 which no longer mandates sickness insurance programs and related automatic billings at the CSUs for full-time students. This eliminates the CSU-provided sickness insurance plan and instead allows the system to provide information and guidance for students to obtain coverage through other means.

"In summary, although we have offered heath care coverage to our CSU students, there are now alternative avenues to access available to our students which can help reduce the costs for those who need coverage, and prevent charging students with coverage who fail to opt out. The CSUs propose as an alternative to actively inform our students of their other coverage options, and to partner with Access Health CT and the Office of the Health Care Advocate to improve the health insurance literacy of our students. Further, those students who are currently covered under the CSU s' procured policy will be advised via letter of the change being made, and also provided with information to help them choose a more favorable plan."

Students may want to evaluate the options available via Connecticut’s health insurance exchange: online at, via telephone at 855-354-2428, or if you are not a Connecticut resident, at, as open enrollment runs until January 31, 2017 for insurance coverage in calendar year 2017.  Through the enrollment portal or contact center, students can find out if they are eligible for no-cost coverage under Medicaid or for tax credits for private insurance on the Exchange.

Since coverage through the University-sponsored insurance plan will end on July 31, 2017, students may  be eligible for a special enrollment period beginning on June 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017, for insurance coverage through either of the health exchanges.  Enrollment in Medicaid is open at any time during the year.  In addition, the University is working with Aetna and anticipates that Aetna may offer a comparable voluntary plan to students who are interested in continuing their coverage with Aetna.


Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

All full-time domestic students must be covered by health insurance and are automatically enrolled and billed for health insurance. If you have insurance coverage through a private policy, you may waive the insurance charge on your bill by submitting an insurance waiver. Insurance waivers must be submitted on-line  If you submit an insurance waiver, you may deduct the health insurance charge from your balance due.

Insurance waivers must be submitted prior to the first day of classes. If you fail to submit an insurance waiver, you will be enrolled in the plan and will be held responsible for the payment of the insurance premium.

Students are billed $1,238 on their fall bill and $1,715 on their spring bill. The coverage period for the fall semester is August 1st- December 31st (5 months) and the coverage period for the spring semester is January 1st - July 31st (7 months) If you are a full time student during the fall semester and you submitted a waiver, it is not necessary to submit a waiver for the spring semester.  Waivers are valid for one academic year only.

All full-time international students are mandated by the United States Government to purchase the Sickness and Accident Insurance for every semester, it cannot be waived.

Part-time students in need of health insurance may contact the insurance company directly or by enrolling on-line at The insurance company will bill you directly.

Effective Fall 2015,  Health Insurance will be offered to students only. Dependents can find coverage through the Affordable Care Act website. If you interested in viewing the policies offered, please go to

Aetna Student Health is the plan administrator for the CSU Student Health Insurance Plans. Aetna Student Health provides administration of all management service, including account management, customer service, claims processing and managed care.

Plan Highlights:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Care with with no annual maximum on benefits paid.
  • A Prescription Card Program with no annual maximum on benefits paid.
  • Mental Health coverage includes inpatient and outpatient care.
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • No claim forms to submit when services are rendered by a Preferred Provider.

For a complete description of coverage benefits, please visit their website at or contact the company direct at the number listed below.

For questions about:

  • Insurance Benefits
  • Enrollment
  • Claims Processing
  • Enrollment Forms
  • Waiver Process

Please contact:

PO Box 981106
El Paso, TX 79998
(877) 375-4244

For questions about:

  • ID Cards

ID cards will be issued as soon as possible. If you need medical attention before the ID card is received, benefits will be payable according to the Policy. You do not need an ID card to be eligible to receive benefits. Once you have received your ID card, present it to the provider to facilitate prompt payment of your claims.

For lost ID cards, contact:

Aetna Student Health
(877) 375-4244

For questions about:

  • Status of Pharmacy Claim
  • Pharmacy Claim Forms
  • Excluded Drugs and Pre-Authorization

Please contact:

Aetna Pharmacy Management
(888) - RXAETNA (Available 24 hours)

For questions about:

  • Provider Listings

Please contact:

Aetna Student Health
(877) 375-4244

A complete list of providers can be found by using Aetna's DocFind Service at:

For questions about:

  • On Call International 24/7 Emergency Travel Assistance Services.

Please contact:

On Call International at (866) 525-1956 (within U.S.).

If outside the U.S., call collect by dialing the U.S. access code plus (603) 328-1956. Please also visit and visit your school-specific site for further information.


The policy year is effective August 1 through July 31.

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