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Authorized Users

Instructions to set up parents or guardians to view or pay your online bill:

Students are able to authorize others (such as a parent or an employer) to view and pay their bill online.


  TouchNet is WCSU’s online and billing provider, students must establish their Authorized Users in Touchnet.

In order to set up an Authorized User, students will need the Authorized User’s email address.
Once you create an Authorized User in Touchnet, Authorized Users can view your student account and make payments to your account on your behalf.

To set up an authorize user students need to:

  • Go to BannerWeb and login with your WCSU account if needed.
  • Select the “CONNect Cash and EZpay” option under the Student Services Tab;
  • On the right hand side of the student view home page, find the “My Profile Setup” box and select “Authorize Users”
  • Click on “Add Authorized User” and enter the Authorized Users email address and answer the two questions as noted below.
    Would you like to allow this person to view your billing statement and account activity?
    Would you like to allow this person to view your payment history and account activity?
  • Read the Agreement to Add an Authorized User and if you agree with the terms, check the “I agree” box and then select “Continue”
  • An email will be sent to the Authorized User that contains their login username and an email will be sent that contains their password.
  • Once an Authorized User receives their login credentials, they can access your account by logging in at and select the EZpay for Authorized Payers link.