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Transportation Fee FAQs

FAQ’s – TRANSPORTATION FEE: Effective Fall 2018, the UPass will be available to both full and part time undergraduate students that are taking at least one on campus class in the current semester, fall or spring only. The transportation fee is a mandatory fee and cannot be waived

Who is eligible for the U-Pass?

Any full- or part-time undergraduate student at the participating community colleges and universities. You must be taking at least one class in the current semester, fall or spring only. Graduate students and students enrolled in exclusively 100% online programs are not eligible for the U-PASS program and are not billed the transportation fee.

How long is the pass valid?

The fall semester U-Pass is valid August 1 through December 31. The spring semester U-Pass is valid January 1 through July 31.

What is the cost?

Each undergraduate student is charged $40 per semester (fall and spring) for the pass (special student rate; normal cost to public is $63/month). The transportation fee is an institutional charge so financial aid may be applied.

What happens if a student attends multiple CSCU schools?

Students will only be charged once for the pass. Students will have to request a waiver after the payment of the first fee.

How and when do students get the U-PASS?

Students can go to the Information Desk located in the student/campus centers on the Midtown or West Side Campus to pick up the U-Pass. It is anticipated that the passes will be available for the fall by August 15th and for the spring by January 1.

Where and on what types of transportation can the U-Pass be used?

The U-Pass CT is valid for unlimited rides on local & express buses in Connecticut, CTfastrak, Shore Line East, Hartford Line, in-state New Haven Line services, and Amtrak trains operating between New Haven / Springfield (except Vermonter Trains 54, 55, 56 & 57). Not valid on private inter-city bus carriers or on other Amtrak routes. For a more specific list of participating transit systems go to

How to use the U-Pass:

Students must have their current student ID and the pass ready before boarding any bus or train. A train conductor will issue a ticket. If you are traveling across the state line, you will be charged the fare from the Connecticut border to your destination (i.e. Greenwich to New York City). The penalty fee normally charged for purchasing on board will be waived.

What happens if a student loses the pass?

Be careful not to fold, bend, or place the card near a magnet. Lost, stolen or destroyed passes should be reported to the issuing school. The student will be charged a $10 replacement fee and can receive only one replacement pass per semester. After that, students must wait for the next semester to get a new pass.

For more information, go to

For information on the local Housatonic Area Regional Transit servicing Danbury, Brookfield, New Milford, Bethel, Brewster, and Norwalk, go to

Please contact the SGA President: email: if you have any questions or concerns with the transportation fee.