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Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for financial aid, do I have to pay my bill?
I am unable to pay my bill in full by the due date, what can I do?
When will I receive a bill?
When are bills due?
What are my payment options?

Q: I applied for financial aid, do I have to pay my bill?

A: You will be required to pay any balance not covered by financial aid by the due date.

Financial aid is listed under the anticipated credit section of your bill and is deducted from your account balance. If you recently accepted your financial aid and completed your requirements, your online bill will be updated once a week. Financial Aid information is reflected in our billing system in real time but statement bills are posted online regularly during July and August and December and January.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at or at 203-837-8580 if you have any questions regarding financial aid.

Q: I am unable to pay my bill in full by the due date, what can I do?

A: Western Connecticut State University realizes that managing the cost of education is a challenge for many families and offers all students a payment plan, enrollment into the plan must be done online through the billing portal.  The cost to enroll in the payment plan is $35 per semester and there are no interest or finance charges. It is easy to enroll in the payment plan online and students must go through the enrollment process each semester that they want to use the payment plan to pay for their semester charges. Once you set up your plan, payments are made automatically. For more information, select the “Payment Plan” option from the left hand menu options from the Cashier’s Office main webpage.

To enroll in the online payment plan:

    • Go to BannerWeb and login with your WCSU account if needed.
    • Select the “EZPay (Touchnet)” option under the Student Services Tab.
    • Under Student Account, click on the “Enroll in Payment Plan” button;
    • Select the term from the drop-down menu and click on the “Select” button;
    • Review the details of the plan and click on the “Continue” button;
    • The payment schedule will display listing the payment dates and payment amounts; review and select the “Continue” button
    • You will be prompted to pay the $35 enrollment fee and the payment method used to pay the $35 enrollment fee will be the payment method to pay each installment. Payments will automatically be charged to the payment account on each installment due date. Late payment fees are only assessed on payments that are not made per the installment schedule or are returned or declined by your financial institution.
    • Click on the arrow next to the “Select Method” box and select Checking/Savings or Credit Card and enter your payment information and then select “Continue” (Please note that credit card payments will be charged a 2.95%/$3 minimum service fee)
    • The Payment Plan Agreement page will display; Read and if you agree to the terms and conditions, check the  “I Agree” box and then select “Continue”
    • Select “Continue” as prompted to complete enrollment.

Payment Methods:
Automatic bank payment using your checking or savings account.
Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) all credit card transactions are subject to a 2.95% /$3 minimum service fee.

Q: When will I receive a bill?

A: Bills are available online to view once you register. If you live on campus, please check with the Residence Life Office as to when your housing and meal plan will be added to your bill. Bills are not mailed home, and can be viewed online 24 hours a day.

Q: What happens if I do not pay my bill?

A: In order to move into your residence hall, payment arrangements need to be made to your account. You may also be subject to a $50 late fee and a hold on your account until your balance is paid.

Q: When are bills due?

A: Fall bills are due on July 15th. Spring semester bills are due December 15th. Payment for summer, winter intersession and spring break is due at the time of registration.

Q: What are my payment options?

Payment Options:

  1. On-line: With EZpay you can securely pay your bill online using your debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or by electronic check using your checking or savings account.Login to EZpay at BannerWeb.
  2. Mail: You can mail in a check or money order to the Cashier’s Office at 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810. Make checks payable to Western Connecticut State University and include your student ID number on the payment. Checks returned for insufficient funds or stop payment will result in a $20 fee and you will be subject to late payment penalties.
  3. In-person: Payments by cash or check can be made at the Cashier’s Office, located in the Old Main building, room 106. Credit card payments must be paid online. The Cashier’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Cash payments are subject to IRS regulations and identification may be required at the time of payment.

Notice regarding Electronic Check Conversion: When you provide a check as payment, you authorize WCSU to use information from your check to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account or to process the payment as a check transaction.

All credit card payments must be made online; WCSU cannot accept credit card payments at the Cashier’s Office, via fax or phone..

Q. When will my financial aid refund be available?

At the start of the Fall and Spring semester, the Financial Aid Office may begin to disburse financial aid onto students accounts.  Any remaining credit balance after your student account has been paid in full will be refunded to you by the Cashier’s Office.  Students will receive an email notification to their WCSU email address when their refund has been processed.

To expedite your refund, please go online to set up your account for direct deposit. Please follow the instructions below to set up your account for direct deposit:

  • Go to BannerWeb and login with your WCSU account if needed.
  • Select the “EZpay (Touchnet)” option under the Student Services Tab;
  • On the right hand side of the student view home page, find the “My Profile Setup” box and select “Electronic Refunds”;
  • Select “Set up Account” and enter your checking account or savings account information. Please have your routing number and account number available when entering this information to ensure your account information is entered correctly. These account numbers can be found on your check or banking statements. Entering invalid or incorrect account information will delay your refund.

Financial aid recipients please note: Financial aid has is based on the expectation that students will initiate enrollment for the fall or spring academic semester. Three weeks after the start of the semester, students actual enrollment will be captured and any necessary financial aid adjustments, based on your enrollment, will take place. Such necessary adjustments may result in a balance due.  

Please be advised that any changes in your enrollment status may affect your financial aid eligibility including:

  • Adding/Dropping a course(s)
  • Enrolling in less than 12 credit hours
  • Stop Attending or Never Attending course(s)
  • Officially withdrawing or being Administratively withdrawn
  • Academic Progress

Checks Issued in Error: In the event that the Cashier’s Office issues you a refund check or via direct deposit in error, the University reserves the right to reclaim such funds. Any changes to your financial aid award may result in a balance due to the university.

Excludes Parent plus loans as those require additional processing time and refunds are not issued to students unless authorized on the parent plus loan application.