Cashier's Office

Late Fees and Holds

Late payment fees will be charged to students accounts which have been billed and not paid by the due date.  Payment for the fall semester is due July 15th. Payment for the spring semester is due December 15th. Payment for the summer, winter intersession and spring break is due at the time of registration.  It is the student’s responsibility to check our website for payment deadlines.  The maximum late fee charge is $50 per term.Students that have applied for financial aid and have enough aid to cover their account balance will not be assessed a late fee.  Students are required to pay any balance not covered by financial aid by the payment due date.

If payment is being made by a third party, documentation must be submitted and approved by the Cashier’s Office prior to the due date.

A financial hold is placed on students accounts if there is a past due balance.  Students will not be able to register for classes, add or make changes to their class schedule, or obtain copies of their transcript until payment for the past due balance is made.


If you would like to appeal your late fee charge, you may do so online (link to online form).  All appeals must be filed by the student. Requests filed by a third party will not be considered. The deadline for appeals is the end of the term in which the late fee occurred and only one waiver will be granted for a student throughout their term at WestConn. If you would like to print a copy of our appeal form to fill out and return to us in person or via mail to the Cashier’s Office, please download the Late Fee Appeal Form.