Adding and Dropping Courses

Adding Courses
To add courses, you must make your request before the fourth class session for courses which meet three times a week or before the third class session for courses which meet twice a week. Any requests later than the first week of classes will require the approval of the department chairperson. Added courses which result in overloads also need the approval of the dean.

Note: The dean of the school reserves the right to make changes in personnel and to cancel, if necessary, any course offered (including Student Developed Study). The dean also reserves the right to limit class size and to refuse registration when limits have been reached.

Dropping Courses
If you drop a course, it will no longer appear on your record. You may drop a course during the first week it is offered. If dropping a course will cause a full-time student to fall below full-time status, the student must withdraw from that course. The course will then appear on your academic record with a grade of “W.” (See Withdrawal from a Course)

Fill-out online the Course Schedule Add/Drop form

Download a copy of the Course Schedule Add/Drop form

Application for Graduation

Degrees are awarded at the end of each semester and summer session.  Applications for a degree must be filed in the Registrar’s Office. You may download a copy here or fill-out the online version here.


Graduation Date                                                Application Deadline

May                                                                       October 1

August                                                                  February 1

December                                                             April 1

Once the application is submitted, you will receive an evaluation from the Registrar’s Office listing the requirements you still need to fulfill.  Evaluations are done in the order in which they are received.  Students that apply by the deadlines listed above will receive their evaluations back before the next registration period begins. 

Change of Address / Name

Students must notify the Office of the Registrar by completing the online form for change of address or the online form for change of name. Alternativelly a paper copy of the change of address and name form can be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. 

Change Of Major

A student who desires to change his/her major from one department to another department must complete the appropriate form which is available in the office of the chairman of the new department.

Application for Change of Major/Double Major Form
Application for Change of Major Form (for Education Majors)

Course Substitution

Students must use the following form to subsitute a course.

Course Substitution form (pdf)
Course Substitution form (excel)

Double Major

Any WCSU student who wishes to fulfill the requirements for more than one academic major may do so.  Students must satisfy the requirements for both majors, and courses required for one major may not be used to complete requirements for a second major.  To complete a double major in the Ancell School of Business within the five (5) business administration departments, students must complete the BBA Core and the courses in both majors with no duplication of courses in the two majors.  Both majors will be listed on the student's transcript; however, only one degree will be awarded.

If a student qualifies for more than one degree, e.g., both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, the student must notify the Registrar's Office as to which degree to receive at commencement.

Students are advised to exercise caution in selecting more than one major because the requirements to meet two majors will limit the ability to take elective courses.

Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of both majors as well as any special general education requirements in the majors.


Application for Change of Major/Double Major Form

Incomplete Grades

To receive an incomplete grade in a class, the student must request that grade from the instructor in writing on a form available at the Registrar's Office and from department secretaries. Incomplete grades must be made up within six weeks of the start of the semester the student is next in attendance or within one year if the student does not return. If the incomplete is not replaced by a grade by the instructor, it automatically becomes an "F" or the minimum grade approved by the instructor. Incompletes may not be removed by repeating the course.  If it is your graduating semester all INC grades must be in the registrar's office by the third week after the semester ends.


Non-Matriculated Undergraduate Student Registration Form

The Non-Matriculated Undergraduate Student Registration form should be completed by individuals who have not been accepted by WCSU to pursue a degree but who wish to take courses at WCSU.  The form may be completed, printed and emailed (, mailed (WCSU-Registrar's Office, 181 White Street, Danbury, CT 06810) or submitted in-person (Registrar's Office, Old Main Building, Room 102; M-F 8:00 am-4:30 pm).  The opening day of registration for non-matriculated students may be found on our website at  Submitting this form does NOT guarantee you a seat in the course.  Once you are registered for the course(s), you will be mailed/given a course scheduled.  PLEASE NOTE: If you decide you do not wish to take the course, you must notify the Registrar's Office ( Non-attendance does NOT automatically withdraw you from a course.  You will be held responsible for payment if you do not officially withdraw from the course(s) by the first day of class.



Students must use the Overlap form when they wish to register for two courses which overlap in time.  When a time conflict exists, you will not be allowed to register for both courses online.  You must obtain the signature of one instructor and then submit the form to the Registrar's Office for processing.  The Registrar's Office will register you for the second course once the form is submitted, if there is room in the course and if all prerequisites have been met.  If permission is obtained and the form is signed prior to your registration date, your record can be updated to accept this overlap and you can register online during your registration period.  If you have already registered for classes, the Registrar's Office will register you for the second course.


Repeat Policy

Students are permitted to repeat most courses at Western; however, credit is granted only once toward graduation unless specifically noted in the course description (e.g., ENG 376). For up to the first seventeen (17) academic credits of repeated courses, the highest grade attained by the student will be substituted for the lower grade(s) for the purpose of calculating the student's grade point average (GPA). Although the lower grade received in the repeated course will not be calculated in the GPA, it will remain visible on the student's official university transcript.  If a student repeats courses beyond the seventeen (17) academic credit limitation, the multiple grades attained for the repeated course(s) shall be used in the calculation of the student's GPA.  This policy applies to undergraduate courses completed at WCSU only, and may be applied only to courses taken after Fall 2008.

Repeating any course taken in a previous semester may affect certain federal and state benefits, various financial aid programs, loans, scholarships and social security benefits, in addition to athletic eligibility and veteran's benefits. Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements must be met for continued financial aid eligibility. See the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment section of the catalog for the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Any course designated as X98 (Faculty-Developed Study) or X99 (Student Independent Study) is excluded from this policy. Special Topics classes are also excluded. Students are encouraged to consult with their academic adviser before repeating a course.  Education majors and post-baccalaureate certification students should refer to the Education Department for information regarding the repeating of courses as this policy may affect eligibility for certification.

The Repeat Policy Request Form must be in to the Registrar's Office by the end of the sixth week of classes.

Taking an Overload

Students will be limited to five major (3 or 4 credit) courses unless they have written approval from their dean. A senior may register for a sixth major course during registration.Full-time students taking more than 18 credits will be charged for each additional credit. This is a non-refundable payment.   A copy of the overload form is available here


Students may request an override into a class that is closed.  Overrides must be approved by the chair of the department. A copy of the override form is available here.

Requests for an override after the first week of school must be approved by both the instructor and the chairperson.

Transcript Request Form and Transcript Policy

A university transcript is a complete, unabridged academic record, without deletions or omissions, which provides information about a student from one institution or agency to another. The university prepares and issues two categories of transcripts:

An OFFICIAL transcript presents a listing of courses for which the student enrolled and the grade for each course with the original signature of an authorized official, and bears the legal seal of the university. An official transcript is sent directly from the university to another institution or agency and is not given directly to you.

An OFFICIAL transcript may also be issued to the student. All current and former students may request a transcript for their personal use. This transcript is stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT.”

Note: Transcripts will not be issued if you have any outstanding fees (e.g.. parking tickets, library late fees) or if you have a cashier's hold on your account.

Click here to submit the online version of the Trascript Request Form.

Click here to download a current Transcript Request Form.

Refund policy for full-time and part-time students

For all refund information please see our cashier's webpage at

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