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Office of the Registrar

Staff & Functions

Administrative Staff

Keith Gauvin, Registrar 

Grades, Athletic Eligibility, Verifications, Transcripts, Incompletes, Graduation Verification, Degree Works & Academic Programs, Education Certification, Degree Audits, Transfer Credits

Email: gauvink@wcsu.edu Phone: 203 837-8229


Jennifer Zdziarski, Associate Registrar

Scheduling, Registration, Curriculum

Email: zdziarskij@wcsu.edu Phone: 203 837-9204


Lauren Feller, Associate Registrar

Student Academic Records

Email: fellerl@wcsu.edu Phone: 203 837-9201


Susan Donnelly, Assistant Degree Auditor

Degree Audits

Email: donnellys@wcsu.edu Phone: 203 837-3286


Yageysa (Jay) Bencosme, Assistant Degree Auditor

Degree Audits

Email: bencosmey@wcsu.edu Phone: 203 837-9209


Office Staff – Main Number: 203-837-9200

Terri Small
Administrative Assistant
smallt@wcsu.edu 203-837-9206
Dee Smith
Secretary 1
Graduation Applications, Record Conversions, Transcripts, Verifications, Registration & Scheduling
smithdy@wcsu.edu 203-837-8226