Office of the Registrar

Waitlist Registration Information


What is Waitlisting? 


Waitlisting is a way to wait “in line” for a course that is full.

If a seat becomes available:

  • You will receive an email notification to your WCSU Email account that will let you know if a seat becomes available.
  • You will have a certain amount of time to log into Banner Web and add that class to your schedule.
  • You will be dropped from the waitlist and that seat will open for the next student in line if you do not complete the process within 48 hours.


Can I get waitlisted for a course if I have a registration hold?


No. Registration holds will prevent you from adding a waitlisted class, even if you are sent an email that a seat is available.


Do I need to meet pre-requisites to be placed on the waitlist?


Yes. You will need to meet the same requirements to waitlist for a course as you would if you were registering for that course. Students will not be able to waitlist for a class if you have not met the pre-requisites or corequisites (or if they are not currently taking the pre-requisites or corequisites). Students will not be able to waitlist if they do not meet the registration requirements or special authorization permissions.


Am I guaranteed a seat if I am on the waitlist?


No.  Waitlisting is not registration nor is it a guarantee for future registration. Students should use registration to get courses you need and want, registering for open sections rather than waitlisting for closed sections, using waitlisting only to revise or optimize your schedule.


How long am I on the waitlist?

You are on the waitlist until a seat opens up.  Two weeks prior to the start of the semester, anyone still on the waitlist will be dropped and will have to check open close for available seats in classes.


What if I am a full-time student, does waitlisting count towards full-time status?

No.  If you are a full-time student, you must be registered full-time. The waitlisted class will not count towards you full-time status at the university.


The section I want to register for doesn’t have a Waitlist. Why?

Only certain courses determined by a department will be eligible for Waitlisting.