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Data Science & Systems Lab

Welcome to the home page of the Data Science & Systems Lab (DASSL, read dazzle).


 Founded and headed in 2017 by Dr. Sean Murthy, DASSL is a research group with broad focus on data science and data-intensive systems. 


The focus includes analyzing, organizing, designing, building, verifying, and managing data and data-intensive systems. The focus also includes hardware design to the extent those designs improve the performance of data-intensive systems.


DASSL is open to all WCSU students. Students from CS, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Finance, Economics, and other disciplines where data analysis is involved will likely be interested in participating (even if they are not interested in building software). DASSL is also open to inter-disciplinary faculty collaboration.


Summer DASSL: In addition to conducting research in data science and data-intensive systems, DASSL promotes scientific research and scholarship among undergraduate students via short, informal, and intensive student engagement in the summer term. The engagement is for six weeks with the option of extending it to ten weeks.