Office of Diversity and Equity

Event-Program Sponsorship Requests


Due to the risks posed by COVID-19 and the current recommendations regarding group gatherings, the Office of Diversity and Equity (“ODE”) at Western Connecticut State University (“WCSU”) will carefully monitor university sponsorship requests for in-person campus programming for Fall 2022/Spring 2023 semester(s) and until further notice.  

ODE is pleased to announce the availability of sponsorship opportunities on a first come first serve basis beginning for the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 semester(s).   

Through the ODE Program Sponsorship, the WCSU Diversity Council and ODE will work collaboratively to support activities, events and programs that build relationships within our university community to promote equity and inclusion.  Requestors who are determined eligible, can be awarded up to $500.00 in sponsorship funds for university-based activities, events and programs that provide opportunities for WCSU students, faculty and staff to participate and engage diverse communities on our WCSU campuses.

This sponsorship program prioritizes events that serve diverse communities, including underserved university groups, LGBTQ+ university groups, BIPOC students, international students, immigrant students, and university groups with disabilities.


  • Promote equity and inclusive educational and awareness.
  • Help institutional building, network connections, information sharing and engagement related to equity and inclusion.
  • Inform WCSU policy and program development.
  • Support recruiting and diversifying our WCSU workforce.

Application Process:

To ensure consistency and fairness, ODE will use the following process for all sponsorship requests:

  1. A request must fill out the ODE Sponsorship Request Form.  If the requestor is a different person from the event organizer, please identify this on the online application.
  2. Ensure you submit an online application during the following academic semester periods before the start date of an event and/or program.  For Fall  semester events: file an application from January 31st – April 30th.  For Spring semester events: file an application from August 30th – December 31st  *Please note, requests submitted after the proposed deadline(s) will not be considered for co-sponsorship.
  3. A requestor will receive an email confirming your online submission.
  4. The online application will be reviewed by the WCSU Diversity Council Diversity Grants and Scholarship sub-committee and recommended for a final review and approval by the WCSU Diversity Council.
  5. The WCSU Diversity Council, in conjunction with ODE, will also review requests received at monthly scheduled meetings and upon approval, ODE will notify the requestor on the status of a request within (or up to) 30 calendar days (four weeks) of the receipt of the online application submission.

Eligibility Requirements:

If you are applying for co-sponsorship, you must meet the following requirements before your application will be considered.

  • Activities, events and programs must take place at WCSU and serve the WCSU community.
  • Activities, events and programs must have a direct correlation with the program purpose.
  • University groups and/or academic departments may only receive one (1) event co-sponsorship per academic year beginning with the 2022-2023 academic year.

For more information, please contact the Office of Diversity and Equity by email at

Please click here to submit an online application for (either) the Fall 2022/Spring 2023 semester sponsorship request.