Office of Diversity and Equity

ODE Mission

  1. Provide leadership for the University in its commitment to a campus environment that fosters respect for the dignity, rights and aspirations of each member of the University community.
  2. Coordinate the University’s efforts to develop and support a culturally diverse community by providing detailed, result-oriented procedures that blueprint a strategy to foster a climate conducive to the equal treatment of all people as prescribed by federal and state laws.
  3. Guide the University community in the implementation of Affirmative Action programs and various diversity and recruitment strategies, including:
    1. Determine the extent to which minorities, women and persons in the protected populations are underutilized or at parity in major employment categories;
    2. Develop WCSU’s hiring and promotional goals, for people in the protected populations, in all WCSU employment categories;
    3. Eliminate employment practices that adversely impact people in the protected populations; and
    4. Enhance the number of persons in the protected populations that seek and acquire employment at WCSU in all employment categories.
  4. Present various trainings and resources on the cultural and generational diversity, affirmative action regulations for campus searches, and awareness/prevention of sexual harassment and violence on and off campus for students, faculty and staff.
  5. Investigate filed complaints of discrimination.
  6. Develop, monitor and maintain an active campus response team, resources and services as it pertains to complaints of sexual harassment and violence against students, faculty and staff.