Office of Diversity and Equity

Search Procedures

Update: August 18, 2022


The University’s search procedures are interpreted from the Affirmative Action Plans by State Government Agencies Regulations Sections 46a-68-75 through 46a-68-114, inclusive.  These procedures are designed to ensure an efficient search process and to provide clear documentation efforts are undertaken by all who serve Western Connecticut State University to support its Affirmative Action Policy and all of the established goals filed in the Affirmative Action Plan. Any questions and concerns can be addressed with a representative of the Office of Diversity and Equity (“ODE”) either by email at or by phone at the Office of Diversity and Equity (ODE), (203) 837-8444.

Please click here to review the amended Affirmative Action Plans by State Government Agencies Regulations Sections 46a-68-75 through 46a-68-114, inclusive.

You will find links in the below menu for each of the following search procedures:

Search Committee Manual for: (will be published -if available- by or after December 31, 2022)

Management Confidential

Administrative Faculty (SUOAF)

Classified – Clerical, Police and Maintenance

AAUP – Faculty

Search Committee Interview Simulation Exercise

Job interviews are the most popular pre-employment assessment approach available, and they make sense. If you are going to hire someone who you will see for many hours a week, you should try to understand their past accomplishments and establish whether or not you can get along with the person.  However, interviews range from unstructured to structured, and results vary depending on who is conducting the interview. Ultimately, as hard as we might try, we are all affected by biases.  The interview simulation exercise can allow for applicants (and search committee participants) to navigate the interview process objectively and to evaluate managing any recognized bias one may have during the process.

Search Documents/Forms: Updated forms will be available on or after September 12, 2022

University Search Plan (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Sample Applicant Screening Grid 

Diversity Resource Guide (PDF)

Best Practices with Interview Biases Sheet (PDF)

Sample Interview Guide/Grid (PDF)

University Finalist Memorandum (DOCX)

For WCSU applicants, search committees can advise and encourage applicants to fill out an Affirmative Action Questionnaire by directing them to go to: