Institutional Research and Assessment

State Semiannual Statistical Reports

The Semiannual Statistical Report (SASR) is submitted each Fall and Spring semester to the Board of Regents. It contains summary data on enrollment, admissions, programs, faculty, students with disabilities, and credit hours.

Semi Annual State Reports

Fall 2017 WCSU-Fall-2017-SASR.xlsx
Spring 2018 WCSU-Spring-2018-SASR.xlsx
Fall 2018 WCSU-Fall-2018-SASR.xlsx
Spring 2019 WCSU-Spring-2019-SASR.xlsx
Fall 2019 WCSU-Fall-2019-SASR.xlsx
Spring 2020 WCSU-Spring-2020-SASR.xlsx
Fall 2020 WCSU-Fall-2020-SASR.xlsx
Spring 2021 WCSU-Spring-2021-SASR.xlsx
Fall 2021 WCSU-Fall-2021-SASR.xlsx
Spring 2022 WCSU-Spring-2022-SASR-2-28-22.xlsx
Fall 2022 WCSU Fall 2022 SASR (11-11-22)
Spring 2023 WCSU-Spring-2023-SASR-3-16-23
Fall 2023 WCSU Fall 2023 SASR (11-1)