Institutional Research and Assessment

Located on the Academic Affairs side of the third floor of University Hall, the Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) office is generally open between 9:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday.

Jerry Wilcox, Ph.D., Director     (203) 837-8242

The mission of the IRA office is to improve the quality of information for problem solving, decision making, assessment, planning, and effective management of the University.

Selected Activities

  • Coordinate responses to Federal and state surveys and information requests.
  • Summarize faculty workload, enrollment, retention, graduation rates, credit hour production, and related topics for the Provost and academic deans.
  • Summarize Student Opinion Surveys for evaluation of classroom instruction, using Remark software and an OpScan6 scanner.
  • Serve on accreditation committees.
  • Serve on the WCSU Assessment Committee and the Committee for Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Standards (CUCAS).
  • Represent WCSU at system-wide meetings of the Institutional Research Council and the Transfer Task Force.
  • Respond to ad hoc information requests from faculty and staff.


Updated February 26, 2020