Commuter Students

Welcome Commuter Students!

Are you a commuter student and want to get involved?

Here are a few things you should do and need to be aware of in order to stay connected:

  1. Welcome Week - Opening the Gatesopens IMAGE file If you are new to WCSU, attend the summer orientation session and make sure you sign up for the overnight session. This is your one chance to stay on campus and see what it’s like. Plus it will be fun, and you don’t have to drive back and forth late at night and early in the morning. Actively take part in everything else. You are just as much a part of WCSU as the resident students.
  2. Attend Clubs Carnival. This is a fun event to learn about current student organizations. Sign up for club email notifications or find out when and where the first meeting is. It’s the best way to make friends and get connected.
  3. If you missed Clubs Carnival, find out what clubs are active on campus by going to – then let them know you are interested in joining. You can also check out the Recreation webpage for information on club sports, rec centers, and fitness classes. Stop by the Center for Student Involvement (Student Center 227) to ask questions or to start your own club.
  4. Download the MyWCSU App free from the app store. It’s the easiest way to access information from your phone.
  5. Get connected through Instagram: Follow these accounts: CSI: csi_western; PAC: wcsu_pac; SGA: wcsu_sga.
  6. Make sure you check your WCSU e-mail daily. The Commuter Student Organization (CSO) will probably send their e-newsletter to that address (as will some of the faculty regarding your classes).
  7. Consider joining the CSO.  Just stop by the InterCultural Affairs office in Student Center 207, send an email to Daryle Dennis, the CSO advisor, at dennisd@wcsu.educreate new email, or call him at 203-837-8549.
  8. Check out what events are happening on campus and make it a point to attend.  Check the WOW (What’s On at WCSU) on their site (, check out the announcements in WestConnduit, or set pages such as the “Coffeehouse” website as your favorites.
  9. Look for flyers all around campus. Student organizations are always using flyers to advertise their events, many of which are free and open to all students. Also, the Student Affairs office regularly posts flyers with events for commuter students and many flyers are displayed electronically on screens around campus and on the shuttle.
  10. Campus Center Dining Areaopens IMAGE file Talk to other students. Go to one of the many student lounges all over campus and hang out, strike up conversations. Maybe get the commuter meal plan or pay to eat in the on-campus restaurant to meet other students.
  11. Ask questions. Can’t find anything you are looking for? Not sure what’s out there? Check with the info desk or call the Student Affairs office at 203-837-9700.
  12. Most of all – make sure being a student at WCSU is the best experience it can be! We are here to help you!

It’s Official!

Your WCSU Commuter Student Organization (CSO) is back in business and will be looking for active members this fall. Stop by the InterCultural Affairs office in Student Center 207.

The CSO will help us with our goal to better connect you with university programs, activities, faculty and administrative resources.

We welcome your feedback! It will help us better understand what programs and activities interest you and what your needs and concerns are.

Please feel free to contact the CSO advisor, Daryle Dennis, at (203) 837-8549 or by email: dennisd@wcsu.educreate new email