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Allowable Reimbursement


For non-foreign out-of-state travel, reimbursement of expenses is allowed for one travel day preceding a conference and for one travel day following the conference. For example, the conference starts on Monday and travel begins on Sunday, reimbursement is made for the travel day, which is Sunday. However, if the same conference begins on Monday and travel begins on the proceeding Friday, reimbursement is made for the travel day, which is Friday. There will be no reimbursement of expenses for Saturday and Sunday preceding the conference. The same applies for travel following the conference.

If an exception to the rule is to be considered, the employee must clearly show a cost savings as a result of arriving at the destination earlier or leaving the conference site later than the one day before or after the conference dates. Proof of cost savings on same date of booking and from same source must be provided or the exception will not be reimbursable.

Travel must be by the most direct route possible and any employee traveling by an indirect route must assume any additional expenses incurred.

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