WCSU Returns to Normal, Reopening Information and Covid-19 Updates


Rail Travel

Reimbursement for all rail travel will be at the lowest coach available rate. Standard coach accommodations will be provided for rail journeys less than six hours duration. First class fare will not be allowed unless the continuous rail journey is more than six hours in duration.

Travel via an express train, e.g., the Acela, is not a reimbursable expense beyond the cost of the lowest cost option mode of rail travel. Comparison documentation must be provided prior to the trip.

Rail travel amount indicated on the Travel Authorization should include the cost of overnight roomette accommodations, when applicable. Do not use the lodging block for this cost. Indicate by inserting the word “Roomette” next to “Rail”.

Travelers should use the least expensive mode of travel to their departure or return airport/train, which may include a personal vehicle, rented vehicle, taxi, or shuttle service.

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