Tutoring Resource Center : General Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tutoring Resource Center?

The Tutoring Resource Center is a free resource for students that offers one-to-one peer tutoring sessions in over 15 subjects primarily in the Arts & Sciences. Our aim is to empower students to think critically about their coursework and to discover effective study strategies that lead to independent and strategic learning.  The Tutoring Resource Center is an open, versatile space in the Haas Library (Midtown) where students can study and collaborate with their peers on group projects.

Where is the TRC?

We are located on the 2nd floor of the Haas Library on Midtown Campus! Not only can you work with a tutor here in the TRC, but we are an open study space with multiple whiteboards and comfy areas for group study!

What is a peer tutor?

A peer tutor is a current WCSU student who is skilled in a subject/content area, has been recommended by a faculty member, and has strong academic skills. All TRC Tutors are peers who have taken the courses themselves and are trained to foster independent learning in a supportive environment.

How many times can I meet with a peer tutor? 

Students are allowed to schedule up to 3 active appointments at any given time. Tutoring sessions can be between 0.5 hour and 1.5 hours in length. There is no cap for number of appointments for the semester. However, if the TRC coordinator determines that a student is making an excessive amount of appointments or repeatedly no-shows, arrives late, or cancels, limitations maybe put on that student’s account at the discretion of the Coordinator.

Can I get a tutor in more than one subject at a time?

Yes! Students can make appointments with more than one tutor in more than one subject but a still held to scheduling only 2 active appointments at any given time.

What do I do if I need a tutor in a class not currently offered?

Support in other subjects may be offered at one of the other academic help resources at WCSU such as the Math Clinic, Ancell Commons, and Writing Center. Check out the Help is Here page for more information on other tutoring centers.

Students may also submit a Request for Tutor – Special Appointment form to request a tutor for a course not currently being offered. (See the Course Offerings page)

What do I do if the tutor I would like to meet with does not have any availability that works with my schedule?

Sometimes a student’s and tutor’s schedules will not match up. In that instance, please see the TRC Coordinator to talk about your options. In some cases, the Coordinator will ask students to submit a Request for Tutor – Special Appointment form to assist in identifying a tutor for your needs or will assign you to a tutor in a related course/subject.

When should I start tutoring? Is there a deadline to request a tutor?

Tutoring schedules will be available to students the first week of each semester. Research has shown that the best academic outcomes happen with students use tutoring early and often. You are encouraged to speak with your professor about your concerns in your course and seek assistance as early as possible!

A tutor is a not a miracle worker and you may not get the help you need if you wait until the date before an exam to request a tutor. Tutor schedules also fill up quickly at key times of the semester such as midterms and finals. Waiting to the last minute to schedule an appointment may mean that there is not the availability you need left. 

The deadline to submit a special request for a course not currently being offered is the Withdrawal Deadline for the semester. No new special requests will be accepted after this date. (See Academic Calendar)

What if I need accommodations for tutoring?

Students who are registered with the Office of AccessAbility Services or who need specific accommodations to have a successful tutoring sessions (space, equipment, learning aids etc.) are encouraged to speak directly with the TRC Coordinator at (203) 837-9245. The TRC Coordinator will work with AccessAbility Services to implement the accommodations in compliance ADA regulations and university policies.  All information related to a student’s accommodations are kept strictly confidential.

What specifically can a peer tutors help me with?
  • Reviewing course materials through active-learning strategies
  • Clarifying specific topic concepts, terms, and/or formulas taught in the course.
  • Demonstrating sample problem(s) that are similar to those in the chapter, assignment, or course.
  • Suggesting study skills and strategies such as drawing out diagrams or creating flashcards
  • Helping prepare for tests through practice problems and review
  • Providing support and motivation

What will a peer tutor NOT be able to help with?
  • Helping students cram for tests
  • Writing the material for you
  • Predicting grades on assignment(s)
  • Reenacting the professor’s lecture – please go to class OR ask the professor for clarification during their office hours or before/after class.

What happens when I arrive at the Tutoring Resource Center?

Once you arrive for your appointment, please check-in with one of our TRC desk assistants or TRC Coordinator on the second floor of Haas Library. If neither are present, please wait in the green cushioned chair underneath the blue sign that states: “Welcome to the Tutoring Resource Center.” Your tutor will arrive shortly and can be identified by their black STAFF lanyard with name tag.

What do I bring to my tutoring appointment?

Please bring any course materials such as your textbook(s), syllabus, lecture notes, access codes, and/or supplies such as a calculator. The TRC has scrap paper and dry erase markers available to use during tutoring sessions. 

What happens if I miss my appointment?

Students who miss appointments or cancel after the 4-hour window will receive a NO-SHOW. More than 3 no-shows will result in the student’s account being flagged and prevented from requesting additional appointments until speaking directly with the TRC Coordinator.

We understand that things do come up. If you need to cancel or modify your appointment last minute, please contact the TRC directly at trc@wcsu.edu and (203) 837-9245 so that notice can be given to your tutor.