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What is a Peer Educator?

Our peer educators – Peer Tutors and Peer Academic Coaches – are current WCSU students who possesses experience in a subject area or field, have exceptional study habits and a passion for learning, are recommended by department faculty, and are trained to help foster active and independent learning. Peer Tutors work with students on content specific needs and questions while Peer Academic Coaches work with students to learn effective study strategies, better organization & time-management, and provide support and accountability as students work to achieve their academic goals.


Meet our Peer Tutors!

Kaleb our talented music tutor will have you hitting the right notes in no time.



Hello, my name is Kaleb. I am a junior Music Education major with a vocal emphasis. My goal for the future is to teach choir at the secondary level and then potentially become a professor at the collegiate level. Outside of academics, I like to sing and play the piano. I am also invested in obscure horror films. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Courses I tutor: MUS 109, MUS 115, MUS 126, MUS 226, MUS 231, MUS 298 Advanced Aural Skills II, & MUS 298 Post-Tonal Music Theory





Judith our double duty Spanish and Biology tutor who can help you translate language and science into success.



Hi! My name is  Judith. I am currently a junior Spanish student. After undergrad, I plan on attending physician assistant school. I am Brazilian and speak Portuguese! I decided to learn Spanish to deepen my knowledge of the Latin languages and Spanish will help me with my career. Outside of school, I enjoy playing soccer, listening to music, and cooking! I look forward to sharing my love for both the Spanish language and biology. 

Courses I tutor:  BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 105, CHE 110, CHE 111, SPA 162, SPA 164, & SPA 197








Jacob makes history fun and memorable




My name is Jacob. I am currently a Senior and majoring in History with Secondary Education. I am working to become a high school teacher and am currently using my G.I. Bill to attend school. I really hope to gain valuable experience from tutoring to assist me in my future career as a teacher. I’m passionate about history and education and hope I can help you. In my free time I do anything from playing video games to playing golf, or even just laying around with my dog. 

Courses I Tutor: HIS 100, HIS 149, HIS 186, PS 102, SOC 100









Hannah rocks our nursing science courses





Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am currently a sophomore nursing student. I tutor anatomy and survey of chemistry. A majority of the limited free time I have goes to helping out the marching band program at my high school.

Courses I tutor: BIO 105, BIO 106, CHE 121 







Christina takes the anxiety out of psych classes



My name is Christina, I am a psychology major, and I tutor psychology as well. After graduating I want to go to graduate school for forensic mental health counseling. I hope to use my knowledge in psychology to help people who I think need it the most. I love animation, Star Wars, exercise, and I play videogames in my spare time. If you need help with anything psychology related, please don’t hesitate to come see me.  

Courses I tutor: PSY 100, PSY 205, PSY 230






Bella is psyched to help you with psychology






Hello, I’m Bella (she, her), a Junior at WestConn studying Psychology and part of the Kathwari Honors Program. Originally from Brazil, my post-graduation plans include attending a clinical graduate program in my home country to further my education and contribute to my community. Beyond academics, I love to spend time reading. A few years ago I created a women’s book club that meets once a week, and it is one of my proudest achievements. I am eager to collaborate with you and contribute to your academic journey. 


Courses I tutor: PSY 100, PSY 211, PSY 305, PSY 324








Nathan conducts a virtuoso music tutoring session






Hello, I am Nathan, a Music Education Major, Year 2025, and I help tutor classes in music. I believe that the TRC is a great place for students to expand their knowledge for a broad variety of reasons, from general concept questions to help review for an upcoming test. 

Courses I tutor: MUS 109, MUS 115, MUS 126, MUS 226, MUS 231, MUS 298 Advanced Aural Skills II, & MUS 298 Post-Tonal Music Theory







Izzy helps you create healthy study habits for nursing and HPX




Hi! My name is Izzyand I am a sophomore here at WCSU. I tutor Biology, Sociology, Psychology, and Health Promotion & Exercise. I am currently a nursing major and plan on becoming a registered nurse after graduation. 

Courses I tutor: BIO 105, HPX 100, PSY 100, SOC 100







Billy makes science fun, can’t you tell?




My name is Billy and I am a junior. I am a nursing major and tutor A&P (Bio 105/106). Fun fact about me: I was a diver for wcsu freshman year!

Courses I tutor: BIO 106







Adam is a machine when it comes to helping you understand biology





Hi! I’m Adam. I am a senior pursuing a double major in Biology and Applied & Computational Math with an associate degree in computer science from NVCC. I’m currently doing research here using A.I. and machine learning to find better ways of discovering and classifying scorpion toxins. In my free time I enjoy playing guitar and experimenting with neural networks.

Courses I tutor: BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 104, BIO 205, BIO 325




Sara can give you a healthy perspective on your HPX, Sociology, Humanities, and Psychology courses.





Hi! I’m Sara (she, her). I am a senior majoring in public health with a concentration in holistic and integrative health alongside a secondary major in interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in sustainability and theoretical/applied ethics. I plan to work as an interdisciplinarian in the field of public health where nutrition meets agricultural practices. I fell in love with this path as a way to help and empower oppressed groups through education, support, and advocacy. While my passion for this work means I spend much of my free time studying and learning, I also enjoy spending time out in nature, watching TV shows with my husband and our furry roommates, making art, and cooking. As a total nerd about my topic areas, I am so excited to spend time with you building tools for your success in these courses! I tutor Health Promotion and Exercise Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Humanities.

Courses I tutor: HPX 100, HPX 103, HPX 200, HPX 205, HPX 270, HPX 470, PSY 100, SOC 100, HUM 110






Declan dreams in Spanish! He can help you speak and understand it.




Hello, I’m Declan! I specialize in Spanish, and I am a Secondary Spanish Education major. I have spent most of my life learning Spanish and hope to inspire a love of the language in others. I look forward to meeting with you all 🙂  

Courses I tutor: SPA 162, SPA 164, SPA 197, SPA 399 Medical Spanish






TRC Coordinator 

Lauren Arvisais

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