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What is a Peer Educator?

Our peer educators – Peer Tutors and Peer Academic Coaches – are current WCSU students who possesses experience in a subject area or field, have exceptional study habits and a passion for learning, are recommended by department faculty, and are trained to help foster active and independent learning. Peer Tutors work with students on content specific needs and questions while Peer Academic Coaches work with students to learn effective study strategies, better organization & time-management, and provide support and accountability as students work to achieve their academic goals.


Meet our Peer Tutors!

Biology & Chemistry

My name is Jacob. I am currently a junior biology student. I am a tutor for biology and chemistry. I plan on going to graduate school, most likely for entomology and/or molecular biology. I am an SFX artist and make monsters, wigs, and gore in my free time and I also love movies. If you have any questions about biology or the Biology department, I’ll be happy to help.

Courses I tutor: BIO 100, BIO 103, BIO 104, CHE 110, CHE 111






My name is Brody.  I’m currently in my senior year here at WCSU as a chemistry major. I love learning about chemistry and all of its connections to everyday life as well as inspiring that interest in others. I am also a TA for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lab. Outside of school, during any free time I can get, I enjoy going on day hikes around the state.

Courses I tutor: CHE 102, CHE 110, CHE 111, CHE 120, CHE 121, CHE 205, CHE 210, CHE 211






Hi! My name is Brielle. I am a sophomore Secondary Education – Chemistry student.  I plan to be a high school chemistry teacher in my future, so I love learning about chemistry and being able to share that knowledge with others.  I am part of the Kathwari Honors Program and I also TA for General Chemistry courses.  In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and doing small art projects.

Courses I tutor: CHE 110, CHE 111, CHE 210, CHE 211







My name is Gabriel. 

Courses I tutor: SPA 162, SPA 164, SPA 196, SPA 196, select upper level Spanish courses





I am Lylah. I am currently a sophomore here at WestConn. I am a part of the Kathwari Honors Program and I am majoring in Mathematics. I enjoy playing instruments in my spare time and aspire to learn as many instruments as possible. I also like volunteering at The Brookfield Theater of the Arts on some of their productions. You also might recognize me from the Math Emporium here on campus, I work as a TA there. As far as tutoring goes, I will be able to help you with any of your MAT 100/100p needs.

Courses I tutor : MAT 098, MAT 100, MAT 100/P,  MAT 181, MAT 141, MAT 170, MAT 171






Psychology & Social Sciences

Hi!  I’m Gina.  I am very excited to be a tutor and to spread my love for learning! I am from New York and am a junior studying Psychology.  I am in the Kathwari Honors Program, the Honors Students of Compassion Club, and am a Student Ambassador here at WCSU.  I tutor in American Government and Intro to Psychology!  After I graduate, I plan to go to graduate school and earn my PHD in Psychology.


Courses I tutor: PSY 100, PSY 201, PSY 203, PSY 204, PSY 205, PS 102, MAT 120, MAT 170




Hi, my name is Christina! 

Hello there! My name is Christina and I am a Music Education major with a focus in classical voice. I am a member of the Kathwari Honors Program, National Association for Music Education WCSU Chapter, American Choral Directors’ Association WCSU Chapter, Opera Club, and Keyboard Club. I love singing in the choral ensembles at WCSU and you may find me accompanying on the piano from time to time for the choirs! In my free time, you may find me at a local coffeehouse to catch up on some work or simply just meditating on the balcony to start my day. I’d be more than happy to help you grow your musicianship in the most unique, and engaging way possible! I look forward to creating some fantastic music with you!

Courses I tutor: MUS 108/MUS 109, MUS 114/MUS 115, MUS 125/MUS 126, MUS 208/MUS209, MUS 210/MUS 211, MUS 225/MUS 226, MUS 230/231, & MED 100





Music & Jazz Studies

Hi, my name is Malin. I’m a music performance major with a focus in jazz saxophone. I play in some of the ensembles at WCSU such as the jazz orchestra, jazz combos, and wind ensemble. I would love to work with anyone who has questions or needs some extra help!

Courses I can tutor: MUS 108/MUS 109, MUS 112, MUS 114/MUS 115, MUS 125/MUS 126, MUS 208, MUS 210/MUS 211, MUS 216/217, MUS 225/MUS 226, MUS 230/231, MUS 235/236, & MED 206






Pre-Nursing & Nursing

Hi, my name is Jacqueline!  I tutor Pre-Nursing and Nursing courses including Survey of Chemistry I & II and Anatomy and Physiology I & II.

Courses I tutor: BIO 105, BIO 106, CHE 120, CHE 121, NUR 205, NUR 






Pre-Nursing & HPX

Hi, my name is Rameezah. I’m an HPX major and tutor Pre-Nursing and HPX courses.

Courses I can tutor: BIO 105, CHE 120, HPX 





TRC Coordinator 

Lauren Eddy 

Office in Haas Library: Room 206

Office Phone: (203) 837-9245 

Email: eddyl@wcsu.edu

2nd floor of Haas Library on Midtown Campus 

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