Admissions : Placement Testing Information

Free ALEKS Practice Exams

The ALEKS website provides you the opportunity to take a practice test.  The actual placement test will have 30 questions.  In the practice version it will stop at 20 questions, then ask you to choose a level of understanding.  For 48 hours, you’ll be able to practice questions with feedback in two modes – 1. Review of questions that the placement and your choice of level gave you credit for knowing found in the main menu (three lines at the top left on the home page) and 2. Learning new topics that you are ready to learn that will automatically be presented at the left of the home page.

Here are the steps to get to the practice test and after completion, the review and learning modes:

  • Go to and click on Free Trial in the upper right of the screen, the second of four choices from left to right.
  • On this page, under Independent Use, click CONTINUE.
  • Here under Explore Student Module, click TRY ALEKS NOW.
  • On the next page, click Terms of Use, read as desired, then check the box next to I have read and agree to the Terms of  Use and then click CONTINUE.
  • Next complete the short form Enter Your Personal Information.  You fill in your first name, last name, email and verify email (please use a personal email account here – not a school account), then choose College or K-12 Student in the first drop-down menu, then Higher Ed | Math in the middle one, and Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Combined for the last choice, then click CONTINUE.
  • Guest Account will then be created with a username and password. Write them down if you want to come back and access ALEKS again for more practice before the placement exam. Then click CONTINUE TO FREE TRIAL.
  • There are a couple of pages of explanation, then you will go through a Tools Tutorial that shows you briefly how to enter various types of answers in the ALEKS platform.
  • After that, it will give you an initial knowledge check that will be similar to the placement test, but it will cut you off after 20 questions.  The actual placement will be 30 questions.  When it finished it will ask you what level of math you want to work on.  Choose one of the first two unless your math skills are very strong.
  • As stated, you have access for 48 hours.  Time your practice so that you do it in the two or three days before you take the test.
  • Choose when you want to take the WCSU ALEKS Placement Test by clicking or copying and pasting this link: to register to take it on a particular date and time.


Once you are ready to take the placement exam, use the link below to register for a testing date: