A Biology Summer 2024

Students of Summer 2024

Anatole Kuhn & Terrapin Nests

Anatole Kuhn, Intern from Ridgefield HS works with MS IBD graduate student Henry Schwendler and Biology undergraduate Matthew Naczi to look for terrapin nests and sandy soil temperatures.

Henry Schwendler

MSIDB graduate student Henry Schwendler and undergraduate student Mathhew Naczi work with interns from The Connecticut National Estuarine Research Reserve.

Tick Lab in Action

The 2024 WCSU Tick Lab summer student research assistants are gearing up for nymphal blacklegged tick season! These students will be helping to monitor ticks at long term surveillance sites and will help collect data for research studies evaluating how well lawn mowing and cedar oil sprays work to manage backyard ticks. Good luck, summer tick crew! For more info about WCSU tick-related projects, reach out to Dr. Connally ( or visit 

Organizing Biology

Student worker Abigail Adney organizing Introductory Biology materials for biodiversity.

Summer Microbiology Fun

Microbiology at WCSU Biology Summer Programs. Catching up on new discoveries!

A&P Summer Class

Anatomy and Physiology at WCSU Summer Program. Know those bones!

Steven Pancurak and the Beach Seine

Set at UCONN’s Avery Point Branch/Mystic Aquarium, Pancurak and research team are conducting a beach seine at Mumford Cove in Groton, where they are continuing a yearly examination of what fish are comprising of the eelgrass populations. In the photo, Pancurak is seen taking pictures of Flounder on a grid which will later be measured via computer software.

Our biology students and research are the best combination for the summer!

Summer Meteorology

Ryan Cassano in the background during his summer internship with WTNH Meteorologist Zachary Duhaime, a former WCSU Meteorology graduate.

Adventures of Summer 2023