Biology : Undergraduate Programs

Biology Major – Bioscience Option

The Bioscience Option is for students without immediate plans to continue further in their biology education after graduation, but who still wish to have a general biology background. The course requirements have less emphasis on the physical sciences.

Bioscience Option Required Courses:
BIO 103, 104 General Biology I & II
BIO 200 Ecology
BIO 205 Animal Physiology
BIO 260 Scientific Communication
BIO 310 or 311 Vertebrate Embryology or
Developmental Biology
BIO 312 Genetics
BIO 325 Evolutionary Biology
BIO 480/490 Group/Advanced Senior Research
Biology electives — courses approved by Department (9-12 SH).

Math or science electives – 12 SH approved by Department.

Biology undergraduate course descriptions may be found here.