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Diversity activities sponsored for Spring 2022 semester

For the month of January and February 2022


A Survey on College Student’s Perception on Entertainment Media and the Criminal Justice System

Since October 25, 2021, faculty from the Division of Justice and Law Administration at Western Connecticut State have been conducting research to address the perceptions and degree of accuracy in university students’ information regarding fundamental criminal justice issues often misrepresented by entertainment media.  An online survey called PERCEPTIONS has been issued to engage students about the criminal justice system on seven different sections that are presented:

1) Crime & Criminal Justice Overview;

2) Criminal Justice Careers;

3) The Law Enforcement;

4) The Court System;

5) CSI effect;

6) Corrections (The Sentencing) and

7) Demographics.

There are a total of thirty-seven (37) questions and it will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes to complete this survey.  The results will be used at an upcoming criminal justice education conference and for further curriculum development.

Please click here to access and participate in this survey.  For more information, please contact Hasan Arslan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Division of Justice and Law Administration, at, Rainer Kroll, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Division of Justice and Law Administration at and/or Thomas Miller, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Division of Justice and Law Administration at


I Am Enough Support Group

I Am Enough is a six (6) week free and confidential support group for WCSU LGBTQ+ students and allies, between the ages 18-24.   WCSU students can contact me directly to register and ask any questions they may have. This support group will be in-person starting Tuesday, February 1st, 2022, 6:00 p.m.  The support group will meet in the WCSU Pride Center, which is located in the West Side Campus, West Side Classroom Building, Room 200.


In honor of Black History Month 2022

Upcoming Virtual Activities to be posted on or by February 1, 2022