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WCSU Faculty Handbook : Curriculum and Academic Standards

Course Level Definitions

100-level: Course with no prerequisites, survey courses, course defining basic concepts, or a course presenting the terminology of a discipline.  These courses may require skills measured by university entry requirements for writing, math and/or the discipline.

200-level: Course of intermediate college-level difficulty, course with 100-level course(s) as prerequisite(s) or survey courses devoted to particular areas or fields within a discipline.  These courses may require skills obtained by first-year experience and writing intensive competencies.

300-level: Course of advanced college-level difficulty taken by majors and/or upper division students.  These are often considered to be courses in the major, or offered to students with sufficient skill and expertise to find success through completion of a major creative, experimental or research project.

400-level: Advanced upper-division courses, seminars or tutorials designed as culminating experiences where students have the capacity to work independently, while under the guidance of an instructor.

Senate Approval: May 18, 2016

Admin. Approval: May 19, 2016