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WCSU Faculty Handbook : Curriculum and Academic Standards

Major, Minors, and Options

The Major: A major refers to the discipline, or combination of disciplines, in which a student will develop a measure of expertise appropriate to undergraduate education.  Majors offer a balance of introductory to advanced courses, including at least one course focused on the modes of inquiry appropriate to the discipline and a capstone experience. While most majors are within a single discipline (e.g., Art, Biology, or Social Work), some are interdisciplinary and draw curricula from multiple departments (e.g., Digital and Interactive Media Arts or Elementary Education: Interdisciplinary Major). Semester hour requirements for majors range from 33-75 or more. (For more details about semester hour requirements, see degree definitions.)

Options: Some majors require the completion of an option. Options are areas of focus within a discipline, allowing students to pursue a particular aspect of their major. For example, Writing Majors must select from one of three options–Business and Technical Writing, Creative Writing, or Journalism and Public Relations to complete the degree.  Students may decide to complete two options within their major, which will be reflected on their transcripts. This is not the same as a double major, which may not be completed within a single discipline. Option requirements range from 6-18 semester hours.

The Minor: The minor allows students to explore a subject separate from their major, pursuing a secondary interest and/or enhancing their major discipline. Minors range from 18-21 credits (most are 18) and generally require introductory level courses (100-200 levels), but may offer options at higher levels. Students may not complete a minor within the major discipline (e.g., Musical Theatre majors may not minor in theatre). For interdisciplinary degrees, no major requirements may count toward the minor. General education, cognate, and elective courses may count toward a minor. Students must complete at least 9 semester hours of the minor at WCSU.

Double Majors: Any WCSU student who wishes to fulfill the requirements for more than one academic major may do so.  Students must satisfy the requirements for both majors. Double majors may only be declared in two distinct disciplines, e.g., English and Theatre.  Double majors may not be declared within a discipline, e.g., Applied Computing and Computer Science. In the case of interdisciplinary degrees (BBA all majors, BA DIMA and BA Interdisciplinary Studies, etc.) students must complete at least 18 semester hours of course work unique to the second major. Both majors will be listed on the student’s transcript.

If a student qualifies for more than one degree, e.g., both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science, the student must notify the Registrar’s Office as to which degree to receive at commencement.  Only one degree will be listed in the commencement program.  Two diplomas will be issued to the student after commencement.

Students are advised to exercise caution in selecting more than one major because the requirements to meet two majors will limit the ability to take elective courses.

Students are responsible for fulfilling the requirements of both majors as well as any special general education requirements in the majors. Minimum residency requirements apply to both majors.  Different GPA requirements may apply.

Senate Approval April 18, 2019

Administrative Approval April 20, 2019