WCSU Faculty Handbook : Policies Pertaining to Students

Posthumous Degree Award Policy

*Any department, office or individual notifies the Registrar’s office upon learning of the death of a student.

*The Registrar’s office checks the academic status of the student and forwards the case to the Provost.

  • If the student is matriculated and has completed graduation requirements, the University issues a (Departments and Deans may authorize substitutions in order for requirements to be met.)
  • The Provost authorizes the printing and issuing of the diploma.
  • If the student is matriculated and has completed at least 90 credits, the University may issue a Certificate of Academic Achievement. The Provost considers the circumstances of the death, and the student’s academic standing and the benefit to WCSU in making the decision.
  • Consults with Department Chair and others as necessary
  • Makes a recommendation on whether to issue a Certificate of Academic Achievement Authorizes the printing/issuing of a certificate.
  • Certificate looks like a diploma and is signed by the President, Provost and appropriate Sets up a meeting for a brief ceremony and/or sends a letter to appropriate survivors.

*Departments may have their own polices on terminally ill students or students who die before they complete 90 credits.  These policies should include consultation with the appropriate Dean.

Departments may issue their own Certificate of Achievement. Publication and Design will have a template for consideration and use. Such certificates may be signed by the Chair and Dean.

Senate Approved 4/19/06, R-06-03-02

Administrative Approved: 9/6/06